The Phoenix Rises Again

If you subscribe to my feed (you still do after a year?! Holy crap, thank you!) you may have gotten hit with a few posts a couple nights ago.

I started blogging on another blog about a month ago. But frankly I missed this place; this history, this name and any of you that stuck around. Not to mention I still own this URL, still had everything set up and other things associated with hosting a blog. So I changed my mind and moved my posts from that other blog to here. It has had a number of different focuses over the years, what’s one more? I still have more posts to move but didn’t want to do all of them at once. So here I will stay.

Yes, I still wear clothes. Sometimes I miss posting photos of my outfits but I don’t miss the criticism or smack blogs. Yes, I might share that kind of stuff (I always did on Instagram while I was taking a breather) but don’t necessarily count on it and it will be nothing formal. And I am not posting all the time. I am not setting a schedule. That is what killed it last time for me. Too much pressure! I am just going to write when I feel like it, about whatever I feel like writing about, including, but not limited to, going back back to school in my 30s, style, life, etc.

I fully intend to talk about school. Going back was a tough decision. I still do not believe that a degree should be mandatory just to enter the work force; it is not necessary for the majority of jobs. But I want to learn a new skill set, I have seen problems I want to solve myself. Yes, class is probably going to kick my ass here and there. I am embracing that. And writing about it.

So what happened in the last year or so with me? I pushed a lot if things to my Instagram so if you want to see what I was up to I strongly suggest checking that out.

I visited Seattle & the Pacific Ocean for the first time last October. While there we even hit up the Hoh Rainforest & Forks (so not a Twilight fan but it was lunch time and that’s the only thing around – figured why not?). I fell in love with the whole area. Wish I could move there!

My husband and I then went to Florida and the Bahamas in May. We first visited Walt Disney World (my first visit ever to a Disney Park, and my husband’s since he was 8) and then hopped on the Disney Dream for a 3 day cruise (a first cruise for both of us!) and hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios (again first time) just before the expansion opened. Little bit unhappy I missed it by -this- much but oh well. I preferred Disney World anyway. Rode my first roller coaster there! See, I’m very scared of heights but Disney relies on thrills for their coasters so I did Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain both. And I wasn’t going to let heights stop me from going on the Tower of Terror. I have wanted to ride it since it was built nearly 20 years ago. We even went twice – I just shut my eyes to the view for the most part!

We loved the Disney Cruise so much we booked one on board and are now going to Alaska next June! Never been to Canada (we board in Vancouver) and have never been to Alaska even though I have friends there and my grandparents lived there for several years when I was a kid. Definitely looking forward to it!

Oh and I am going home (Colorado) to visit my family in September.

I make no promises about the future of this blog. I really, truly, love to blog. But as this is just a hobby and I run out of time in my daily life to do everything I wish I could, including writing, I promise to try my best.

4 thoughts on “The Phoenix Rises Again

  1. M says:

    I miss your fashion posts. You helped me feel better about myself, and I appreciated them. So happy you enjoyed your cruise. We go to WDW every chance we get.


    • Me says:

      I was thinking of your comment all weekend so I posted an outfit on Instagram. Not exactly the same as before but not too far off!


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