About Me


My name is Missy. I am married but without kids. I live in Omaha, Nebraska, USA and I am 33 years old. I am a total geek and love all things geek (my favorite shows include but are not limited to Doctor Who and Game of Thrones for example). I adore organization (the Container Store is like crack to me!). I love to cook. I love fashion and shopping. I collect a lot of things too – currency, postcards, vintage cookbooks (in some cases well over 100 years old – the more removed from modern cooking the better) and random bits and pieces. I love to travel (yes, that photo is from my trip to Walt Disney World/Disney Cruise to the Bahamas in May 2014). I love photography, even if I am an amateur. And I am in both an unusual and yet totally normal spot in life.

I am going back to college in my 30s.

I have finally decided that my piss poor 1 year of college (which I half failed I might add) is not enough. Not anymore. My resume is very sorry-looking!

At this time, excepting a change of opinion due to course load and the like, I am going back for an Information Technology degree with an emphasis on Web Development. So far I am only attending online courses at my local community college with the idea of transferring to a 4-year in the future. Perhaps. I’d like to focus on the Associates for now.

I have always enjoyed blogging and creating websites (I did it even it in high school with the threat of suspension over my head for doing so on school grounds!) and in general making the web a more interesting place. Coding fascinates me and I have spent countless hours desperately trying to make something do what I want it to. I have also blogged for going on 10 years now – nearly 6 of that (off and on) just here alone. And throughout all of those years while this blog has had so many different focuses, the one focus I have always had is that this is me and my life. I write about what I want and why. And now I am doing something for me.

I’m ever so slightly scared. I am ever so slightly worried. I won’t lie. I’m nervous about it and what will happen. This is going to be an adventure. Care to come with me?

If you want to contact me please do so below.