Being Plus-Sized & Odd-Shaped Tallette

Dear Chickadees,

Would you all like to know why I quit fashion/style blogging? I highlighted some reasons previously but I have a lot more, some I will share and some I won’t. Basically it revolves around the anonymity of the internet and what options I have.

I know I was linked and ridiculed on Smack blogs. I can see where I am linked from with IP addresses of the people who visit. I know what terms you use to find my blog and how you may have gotten here. That is to say, I saw it all when I was laughed at and mocked. For the most part I didn’t care. It is the internet, those are the risks you take when you put yourself out there. It doesn’t make it any easier to digest by any means nor does it make it okay but this wasn’t the main reason I quit blogging last year. Oh no, the main reason I quit was the very reason I should have continued.

I will repeat for anyone who doesn’t know me. I am 6’2″, wear a size 13 shoe (sometimes 12W) and I am definitely plus-sized. I learned a long time ago to see what fit me first then decide if I liked it. How messed up is that? Shorter, thinner, individuals don’t have to do that. But that is how manufacturing is done; there are few selections in my size range.

For example, I don’t go shoe shopping in stores. I do a size search online and browse my size, which they probably don’t even carry a great selection of in the first place. My local DSW does not carry shoes in my size in store, online they have a tiny selection. When I was a girl it was much worse. I hit my full shoe size around 12 years of age or so. At that time I was basically limited to boys shoes. Nothing inherently wrong with that of course, I mean, Chucks are unisex after all. But finding dress shoes was an issue. And I like glitter and colors and styles that most boy’s shoes are not manufactured in. I remember having a difficult as hell time finding dress shoes for my grandfather’s funeral when I was 13. My aunts took me to several stores before we found a pair of plain black flats.

My main issue, while blogging, became that I was constantly trying to provided fresh looks or pieces to display but I literally had no selection to do so. I was wearing the same outfits over and over because I had nothing new to contribute. And you can only photograph the 1 outfit so many different times and ways before people get bored with it.

I was never tired of writing (though I did get writer’s block from time to time) nor was I tired of blogging or sharing in general. I was tired of being me, in my body, with my shape.

What brought this dose of honesty on? Megan aka Princess Lasertron wrote a blog post about breaking into Plus-Sized retail. She is co-owner of an online store that I adore called Hello Holiday and an “internet friend”. I use that very very loosely as I have never even met her and we live in the same city! I just don’t know how else to label her. I met her on a message board years and years ago and have been Facebook friends with her ever since.

I have purchased exactly 1 clothing item from Hello Holiday. And I would totally purchase more clothing if not for fit. They have done a good job so far providing plus size clothing options but like most plus-sized items, the manufacturers/designers think that everyone plus size must be short. The dresses, some of which are very cute, are just too dang short. Luckily, I know the height of the individual who models the items. This isn’t a criticism of either Megan or Hello Holiday. I just wish I had better selection other than just getting by. Which is the point of her post.

Can you imagine how frustrating thrifting is to me?

Anyway, that ultimately is the reason I stopped blogging my outfits. I wasn’t interested in spending buckets and buckets of cash on clothing that I didn’t really like and only bought because it fit. And if I didn’t love the items I was wearing, I wasn’t finding new ways to wear anything and I was getting talked about on Smack blogs then why bother blogging at all?

I needed time and took it. I’m still not happy with my selections. I still don’t have as much to wear as I would like and I still re-wear everything in the same tired old ways. I don’t really have an ending for this post, it just is the way it is. And I’m frustrated about it as are many others. I don’t know if I can do anything about it though. Hopefully others out there can.

With much love and more posts in the works,

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  1. Deb from Illinois says:

    I’m a big girl too and I understand your frustration with finding great clothes. So glad you are back to blogging!


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