My Desk

I actually love my desk. I love the color. I love how clean it all is. I love how organized it is.

In a couple of weeks – we are aiming for Feb 1, maybe March 1 – the boyfriend and I are going to move in together and my desk will no longer look like this. We have to get the boyfriend a new desk – he doesn’t currently have a desk but a built in counter – and so I am requesting we get one like mine so that it matches and we I can decorate accordingly. So for now I have to stand back, take pictures and appreciate what I do have.


Once we do move in together my printer is going to move on top of my file cabinet – currently an end table – and I will get even more room! Though I might be getting a second computer just for Warcraft, so let’s see how much room that really is. And yes, that chalkboard above my computer is the chalkboard sticker. I ripped the lower left corner. Hard to tell eh?

The little square thing to the right on the wall is actually a corkboard/message board made up of sheaves of magazine pages. I found it at the Container Store and fell in love with it. I never use it. Mostly its “art”. The framed photos above are all Colorado pictures. Its my home and where I am from mostly – the Rocky Mountains near Denver. And its where I took the boyfriend in June this year.

That is my end table on the left. I try not to clutter it up with stuff. Well…try is the key word. My current situation dictates that I keep my computer in the living room, and I HATE it. We are looking at getting a 2 bedroom or even a large 1 bedroom with a dining room so we have some place for the computers and all their stuff.


The mail sorter I picked up at a thrift store for 50 cents. It was brown wood and had an ugly plastic rocking chair piece nailed to the top that I yanked off. Painted it all black and now I use it to store bills and other important papers.

The corkboard is mostly photos and quotes of things I love. Nothing really useful, just things I love. I use T pins because I can hang things from it as well as stick them into the cork and they don’t draw your attention.