Jewelry by Jenni

Totally, absolutely not a sponsored post!

My sister makes jewelry. Beautiful jewelry matter of fact. If your interested in seeing anymore of her work check out her Facebook page: Custom Jewelry by Jenni


All of the above are items she has given me as gifts or items I have purchased from her. Yes, that ghost white pendant in the middle is a pearl. And the one next to it is an ammonite fossil. She makes all of the ear wires and clasps (not that hard, it is just a jig but they are definitely more interesting than the store bought ones). ETA: oops! I got corrected, she makes the fasteners and ear wires with just pliers, a hammer, and a chunk of steel!

My favorite is this one with a natural geode:

Note: the fake gauges were not made by her but I was too lazy to retake a perfectly fabulous photo of my necklace.