Ireland: My Completed Smashbook (and my next trip…)

I also finished up two photobooks (just a bit ago today actually) – one for New York City and the other for Ireland. These hold the stories, the legends, the information, etc along with all of the photos. This Smashbook was basically for the scraps of the trip.

And that’s that. No more Ireland talk. At least until I go back anyway.

But I already have my next trip in the works:


ALong with my in-laws we are going in late October to visit my sister-in-law, her husband and their twin boys for their first birthday. And since we are using up frequent flyer points for Southwest I also priced out the flights (I’m actually hoping over to the website to buy them after this gets posted) as well as the times for the flights. What that means is we can either have a 4 hour layover in Las Vegas or Denver or we can split up the layover (and get better times for flights as a result) and delay coming home for 27 hours. A whole 24 hours in Vegas and it saves us about $50 in airfare (I know the hotel room & cab fares will eat up the extra and then some but that is so not the point). And all I have to do is get groped in security an extra time? Yes please!


4 thoughts on “Ireland: My Completed Smashbook (and my next trip…)

  1. Kristen says:

    I used to be a huge scrapbooker but gave it up a few years ago, but i have some stuff I would like to preserve. I love the idea of a smashbook! Not as much time as a scrapbook but the same idea!


    • Exactly! That’s why I started using Smashbooks. I like my scraps and maps and tickets stubs but none of those work in a photobook. And I really like printing photos to show people after a trip but then what do I do with them? This was my solution.


  2. Jane says:

    Wow! That’s mighty damn impressive! You’ve got a creative skill set that is second to none! Have you ever thought about starting another blog just on teaching photo /scrapbook crafting? You should!

    In contrast, I’ve long since stopped bothering to document trips we take mostly because I found myself spending waaaay too much time trying to get the right photo from just the right angle & just found myself more focused on getting photo’s rather than enjoying the moment. So the last 2 or 3 trips I rarely if ever took a picture. For me at least, it made the trip much more a real vacation rather than a mission. But having just seen your impressive smashbook – makes me reconsider!


    • Thank you! But I am too lazy to do that! I seriously do huge batches of scraps/photos in a sitting then do nothing for months. I’m lazy.

      Honestly the main reason I do any of this is for the scraps and ticket stubs. I love ticket stubs as they remind me of where I have been, what I have done. But I understand not taking a whole lot of photos. I have done that as well. But it always makes me sad like I will forget things if I don’t take photographic proof. So not true of course.


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