Daily Outfit: Quickie & Kickstarter

It’s been totally crappy (weather-wise) all day today. I took these in a quick moment between rainstorms. And just a bit ago it decided to hail – golfball size! Thunder and lightening on top of that of course. So I”m not going to stay long.

I did want to ask if I have brought up Kickstarter here? I just did a search to make sure (I haven’t) but I am totally in love with Kickstarter! The concept is simple. People begging for money. You have to decide if what they have/want is worth the dough you are giving them. They were in the news lately because of the Veronica Mars movie (3 Days left! I’m not a fan of the series but I donated a dollar just because I could, and it might help set a record. Why not?). Anyhow I prefer the projects with something tangible at the end. There are some very interesting ideas that pass through Kickstarter. One of my favorites was chocolate & pretzel covered beer flavored marshmallows. Way better than it sounds I assure you. With my absolute favorite being Leash & Cuff (you can now buy these on their website). My newest love is the Crabby Wallet (Still 22 days left). A wallet basically made of elastic that holds together a bunch of different stuff including your phone. Not a bad concept and I need something better than my leather, crammed full all the time, wallet to take to the gym. I’m up to 15 backed projects and have no intention of stopping any time soon. Put some good ones up!!



Red plaid button down: Torrid (November 2012)
Purple long sleeve cardigan: Target (February 2013)
Bootcut dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (October 2012)
Purple Chucks: Converse via 6PM (March 2013)
Antique silver spoon made into a necklace: Mon Petit Chou Boutique on Etsy (December 2012)
Not seen: Khaki colored rain/trench coat: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory (October 2012)