Daily Outfit: Experimenting

I apologize if these outfits are boring or repetitive. I’m trying out some concepts for a capsule wardrobe and some things work and some don’t. This outfit feels too old for me – I’m just missing a hat! I don’t know. But gotta love the purple Chucks and purple cardy.

I’m a people watcher. Love it. But I love making up stories about people even more. That one is late for work because his alarm clock broke. The woman over there on the cell phone is fighting with her ex over their kid. I admit it, a secret pleasure of mine.

So every Tuesday since we joined our gym 3 women are in a reserved workout room strutting around in very high heels. They just walk around in these ridiculously tall lucite stripper heels. There is some posing and moving too but I’m in the pool doing laps and can just see bits and pieces. I haven’t spoken to them nor have I overheard why they are doing what they are doing. My serious guess is a beauty competition and they are practicing the stage walks. My not so serious guess is that they are practicing for a cross-dresser competition!

I love my not so serious guess better. 🙂



Red chiffon mandarin collar blouse: EShakti (February 2013)
Purple long sleeve cardigan: Target (February 2013)
Dark wash skinny jeans: Torrid (February 2013)
Purple Chucks: Converse via 6PM (March 2013)
Butterfly enamel brooch: Thrifted (fall 2012)


2 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Experimenting

  1. Jane says:

    Bwhahaha! I love the purple/red combo too & when I wear that color combo, I always get a lil twitchy thinking someone is gonna suggest I wear a red hat. Of which I would have no choice at that point but to punch them right in the neck! LOL
    I also love me some people-watching. Especially rear-view mirror stuff. Cracks me up the stuff folks do while sitting at a red-light in their cars. I watched a guy use a neti pot he held over a Big Gulp-type cup while sitting at a red-light a few weeks ago. Gossed me out yes, but sent me right over the hysterical laughter edge!
    The lucite heel girls thing. Prostitute training? Get the walk down pat then graduate to leaning into car windows followed by…well you get the idea.


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