Daily Outfit: Equality

The red in my outfit today was not an accident. Besides red being one of my favorite colors (and owning A LOT of clothing in red), yesterday the Human Rights Campaign encouraged people to wear red in support of gay marriage. I absolutely support equal rights and equal opportunity. This was definitely something I had to do.

Marriage is a legal contract despite any argument otherwise. It’s a legal entity with definite definitions and rights that are amazing (and terrifying) to bestow on someone else. My husband will automatically be asked what to do in a medical scenario if I cant speak for myself. He will be the one that decides to donate my organs (He already knows that I want to). He gained a great deal of power when we got married. Power I am more than familiar with as my ex-husband abused many of those same rights.

And despite anyone arguing a religious position, rights are what this is about. No one is asking any religion to recognize gay marriage but they are asking the government to allow the extension of these rights to gays as well. All we can hope for is that the Supreme Court ends up making a fair and just decision.



Red peppy draped mock wrap tee: eShakti (March 2013)
Plain Red long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black denim bootcut leggings: Shopko (March 2013)
Black canvas originals: Tom’s (March 2013)
Turquoise bubble necklace: Charming Charlies (March 2013)