Daily Outfit: Quick Post & My New Hair

I’ve actually got nothing tonight. I’m off to bed later than I would prefer (especially since I have work tomorrow which means I need to be awake in a little over 6 hours!) but I promised to post these photos of my new hair. I got an inverted bob with thick bangs (yes, on the bottom one my head is slightly sideways so its hard to tell but I assure you I do have one). I really like this cut! It’s like a reverse mullet. Long in front to compliment my round face/head but short in back for no mess and no fuss. Awesome! Doesn’t my hair stylist do fantastic work? Lacey at Tee’z Salon for all you Omahans. I totally *love* her.

Anyhow I am also off to bed to finish the last few pages of this fantastic and amazing book I have been reading (if you follow me on Twitter at all you saw which one I was addressing). I’ll post a book report about it within the next couple of days. Promise.

Oh and do you know how many compliments I got on my new Chucks? I’ve lost track. And yes this necklace was totally purchased because I had cool new purple Chucks I wanted to match it with.


Green v-neck tee: Target (March 2013)
Gray long sleeve cardigan with silk button holes: Thrifted (August 2011)
Dark wash skinny jeans: Torrid (February 2013)
Purple Chucks: Converse via 6PM (March 2013)
Purple teardrop necklace: Charming Charlies (March 2013)




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