Daily Outfit: Do-ins and Thoughts

Last picture with my old hair. I cut it all off yesterday. I really like the new do and I’ll show you later this week. Promise.

So I joined a gym. This fat girl is shocked too. See here’s the thing. I am not the overzealous type about being fat. Even when I was UNDERWEIGHT (in college I was broker than a joke – $20 or less to last the month – so no junk food or late night pizza and I worked 2 miles from my dorm and owned no car so I walked everywhere) I still wore plus size clothing. Just my bone structure. I am indeed one of those “big boned” girls you hear about as a myth or a cope out. So shopping in plus sizes has never bothered me. But honestly I need to be healthier. I just gotta do better for my own future. If not now, when? So I’ve been doing a lot of walking and swimming laps in poor form. I even bought a Fitbit to see if that will help (and I admit I am mildly curious about how much walking I do when I go to the mall!). So there’s that.

And aside from that I have been devouring websites, Pins, and blogs about capsule or travel wardrobes. I am trying to get together a well thought out plan for Ireland to minimize what I take and/or buy. It’s difficult! I’d like to have it ready and decided by my birthday (April 12) so that if I need to order anything online I will get it in time for when I leave 2 weeks later. (ooh random thought – what will my husband do with himself while I’m gone as he isn’t coming with…hmmm) To that note I don’t understand black luggage at all. All these posts show a packaged bag at the end and most are black! Black all look the same if ends up getting checked or in a see of other carry-ons – how do you know which is yours?! That is why mine is bright purple with a green luggage strap. 🙂 Gotta be me, even in my luggage!



Nicole top with blue & black (Jade Flower) fluttery sleeves: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2013)
Dark wash skinny jeans: Torrid (February 2013)
Black bow flats: Payless (December 2012)
Long multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlie (October 2012)
Multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlies (July 2011)