What’s in my Bag?

Haven’t done one of these in ages so here goes…

What's in my Bag

Yes I know it is a vertical photo of a horizontal arrangement. Eh. I trimmed the photo to my typical size and it was way too small to see the details so I flipped it on its end. Deal with it. 😀

Top to Bottom:

  • My bag is a David Jones leather bag I purchased from Zulily (disclaimer – referral link) last month and within the strap area is my metal purse holder (bought at the Container Store) so I don’t always have to set my purse down on the ground.
  • Next up is my iPad (with Cynthia Rowley green leather slip case and my Logitech keyboard & cover). The iPad has 2 vinyl stickers on the back – a crack which is a Doctor Who sticker and “Don’t Panic” which is for Hitchhiker’s  Guide to the Galaxy. If your a fan you must agree with me that the iPad really is the Guide! Anyhow on top of that is my iPhone 4S. Hopefully I will be upgrading this summer on a new model – cross my fingers! Next up are some pens (one with a stylus for my iPad if I want), a tube of lipstick, and my keys complete with Melissa Colorado license plate keychain and a Coach leather loop. My wrist braces are next.
  • My sunglasses in a case, headphones, headphone splitter and a Cherry Mash. Oh I love these! Only in the Midwest!
  • A Built camera case with my extra SD cards and iPad card readers plus my straps for the camera. My Rick Steve’s Ireland tour book. I am converting all the data, highlighting and notes in the book to the eBook version to cut down on packing the physical book and taking up space in my suitcase. Normally I just read my regular books on the iPad as I always buy eBook now if I can.
  • A metal box that I store all my store loyalty cards and gift cards in. A leopard make-up case with a collapsible hairbrush/mirror combo, lotion, migraine meds, fabric tape measure, hair tie, eyeglass cleaning cloth plus screwdriver and a metal tin that has an emergency sewing kit, safety pins and band-aids.
  • Last but not least my pink Coach wallet.

Sometimes I have more than this but not usually. Usually this is all I carry. That and a few random receipts & movie stubs but really, like I would show you those!


2 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag?

  1. Jane says:

    Love LOVE the rich color of your bag…how you liking the thinner straps though? Dig into your shoulder or forearm?


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