Daily Outfit: Lady Like Travel & Photography

I love Daylight Savings time! I get to get off work and SEE the sun (I get off at 6 PM so there are huge chunks of winter I never witness – more so since I work in a windowless room). And I actually have enough sunlight to take outfit photos! Yay! Besides the freaking cold, which makes me want to wear jeans all the time, I am so over winter. It snowed over the weekend and it’s that super heavy wet snow which means…SPRING is on its way!! I feel like breaking out the skirts, dresses & sandals in celebration! I am so over jeans. And I really want to buy a pair of Tom’s to celebrate.

And not to change the subject but last week I signed up for an online photography class from Improve Photography. I know all the stuff covered so far (ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed and how to work with the different auto settings on these) but I really like how they explained them. A new video each day with some written material and you experiment with your camera. I am a visual learner so these videos are right up my alley. I will probably do a final assessment/review next month once the course is complete for anyone interested. Oh and the 2 young guys who own this company and created the course are not too bad-looking either. That always helps! 😉 Is that sexist? I may or may not show some of my photography depends on what I end up with I guess.

Now as for the outfit whenever I wear this blouse I feel so very lady-like. I think it’s the ruffle. And the crystal buttons. I always want to pair it with lady-like jewelry like pearls and such. Oh since this outfit may, or may not, come with me to Ireland I wanted to ask – how do you all pack for an international trip? I am a planner. I seriously plan out my travel capsule wardrobe about 2 months in advance so I am just now trying to figure out what to take and what not to (if you follow me on Pinterest you probably noticed!!) but I would love some advice. I am all about travelling easy and I am not familiar with ocean-side rainy weather like Ireland gets so I don’t know what to prepare for. Any help will be DEEPLY appreciated!!




Ivory ruffle crystal button-down: Torrid (November 2012)
Red grandpa cardigan with pockets: Thrifted (December 2011)
Bootcut dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (October 2012)
Red Dr Martens boots – Holt: 6PM (December 2011)
Antique silver spoon made into a necklace: Mon Petit Chou Boutique on Etsy (December 2012)
Art Deco crystal dangle earrings: Forever 21 (September 2011)


2 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Lady Like Travel & Photography

  1. Jane says:

    Can’t help with what to pack for Ireland…but want the deets when you decide as Ireland is on our to-do list for either 2014 or 2015.


    • Absolutely! My husband is staying home (this is a trip with my widowed mother only) so I’m planning on sharing more than I probably should. Besides it’s also my first international trip so I’m pretty excited in general.


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