New Goggles & Reddit Gifts!

I got my new goggles!


Kenneth Cole frames purchased at Costco if anyone is curious.

It seems I may have been wearing the wrong prescription on this last pair. They were too strong and my lazy eye was corrected to full strength when it is not normally. This caused some of my headaches. Case in point I’ve already adjusted to these new ones and I just got them yesterday. My last pair never felt right. Sigh. All those wasted headaches and I had no idea. I’ve worn glasses for 23 of my 31 years and while I will say that I should know better I actually shouldn’t or wouldn’t know better. I started out in bifocals. At 8. Oh yeah that was fun. I got rid of those at 18 and every new pair has had a vastly different prescription than the last. And every new pair has been almost 180 degrees different in frame and lens sizes. Always a bit of a disorienting feeling. One pair I took back years ago because the pupil distance was wrong and I could tell. They tried to tell me it was correct but I never could see with them so clearly something was up. As most of my life I have worn expensive corrections I have never had more than 1 back-up pair at a time. I may like fashion and accessories but not getting used to different pairs all the time.

All I can say is I will know more on my next ones. Lesson learned.

Oh and my husband went in for new glasses at the same time as me and discovered that it’s only his left eye not his right that is the issue. He’s only been to 2 eye exams as an adult and both were…lacking. So now he has new glasses to reflect this as well as new instructions about working on the computer (no glasses). Anyway last night he asked me “since its only one eye, why can’t I just have a monocle?” I fell over in a peal of laughter. This is why I love that man!

Reddit Exhange/Gift

I have been doing Reddit Gift Exchanges for almost a year now. I seriously enjoy just the act of giving something to someone. I know I have had a few hits (at least they said so anyway!) so I’m very happy I made their day with the totally unexpected from a stranger. Recently I signed up for 2 more exchanges – Tea/Coffee and Book. And I have already have received both (names went out last Monday – I had both items by Friday)!!

This time both of the individuals who got my name put in a lot of effort and really got me things that I hands down love. The teas are all fabulous and the books…well. I love fantasy and have started Tigana. I will let you know what I think but so far I love it.

Reddit Exchanges/Gifts

If you enjoy just the act of giving a gift I seriously recommend Reddit. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays for this reason alone and every few months its nice that there is something fun to do for some stranger in the world. Nevermind exploring or receiving some item you had no idea you wanted, needed or would like! Yes, you can and might get disappointed with what you get in return; it’s not all equal but hopefully not every exchange is like that. I also tend to find the big exchanges (Arbitrary Day & Secret Santa) where more randoms are involved seem to be the worse for the wear with people signing up and not actually caring about you as a person, your likes, etc. The smaller exchanges have been nothing short of awesome.


2 thoughts on “New Goggles & Reddit Gifts!

  1. Jane says:

    So neat the whole secret Santa thing.
    The only SS’s I’ve ever done were always work-related & total fails. Nothing but cheap potpourri & no-name brand dented candles recirculated year after year. LOL
    Anyways, onne year I gave my SS a bunch of different hot sauces as I knew he loved spicy stuff & he was over-the-moon tickled. However my SS (not the same guy) gave me a used steno pad & a pen – both of which he nabbed mere minutes before the gift exchange from another co-worker’s desk. I ended up giving the steno pad & pen back to it’s rightful owner & swore after that to never again participate in a SS again.
    Btw, digging the new frames – super cool!


    • Thank you. And that is exactly the same problem with the Reddit exchanges. Most work out great but every once and awhile you get a bum. But it is fun!!


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