Searching for Spring Dresses

I can remember being a little girl with Spring (and my April frequently-on-Easter birthday) approaching. I can’t say I always adored getting and/or wearing new dresses in the spring/Easter/birthday but the season absolutely reminds me of it. As such I find that I am constantly attracted to pretty frocks once spring even threatens to arrive. Heck I have a skirt laying on my vanity that I just had a zipper replaced on last week. I am just itching to wear it. The problem of course is that I am not much of a tights girl so it will have to wait a bit. Still too cold to go bare legged.

But my wrists are freaking killing me. Damn carpal tunnel and busy weeks at work (and thank god for dictation!) so I’ve been doing a lot of online window shopping. Easy on the wrists. And I’m a visual person so a collage was the easy solution (and so far only eShakti seems to have much in the way of Spring dresses, I wonder why? Evans UK has released a few things so that certainly helps). This was just an assortment that I really liked, whether I would ever buy any of them or not. I am definitely eyeing the green and navy shirt dress on the bottom row. I may have to make that mine.

Any that you are attracted to?

eShakti Spring Dresses


6 thoughts on “Searching for Spring Dresses

  1. Amy says:

    I have to confess, I haven’t been a dress girl in years, but when I was in high school I loved to dress up and wear heels. Raising 3 boys, jeans were just easier. However there are several on this page that I love!! Of course the first one, the yellow halter, because I have had a lifelong facination with halters (and I have a knack for gravitating to the most expensive items instinctively). But I also like the black cat one in the middle – even before I knew they were black cats, that just sweetened the deal. And I also like the black and white one, similarly styled, to the right of it. Who knows, maybe this will be the year I get back into dresses again.


  2. Jane says:

    Pretty! I dig the navy/green number as well.
    All of these dresses are pretty, but none really read as “Spring” to me. But then again when I think Spring, I think super soft pastels, baby bunnies/peepy chicks, eggs hidden under patio furniture, etc.


    • I dare say they must hav sold out of the navy/green one right after I posted this because I went back to buy it and they were out! Now admittedly I wear *a lot* of jeans in the winter – too much. I hate being cold and skirts/dresses are just too cold for me since I hate tights. Come spring I’m ready to break out the dresses – whatever color they are! That is definitely where I am coming from but I can see your point as well.


  3. Oh wow, I wasn’t at all interested in eShakti’s fall/winter offerings and sort of stopped reading their emails, but I just compulsively ordered that blue and white one because SO PRETTY. Dang, eShakti, I didn’t think you could make me fall in love again.


    • Glad to have been such a bad influence! BWAHAHA! And a good choice too! I agree with the fall/winter thing. I wanted to love eShakti but not everything was up my alley. Somehow their spring things have hit it on the head for me. Hope I don’t hate their summer line.


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