Daily Outfit: Doctor Who Geektastic

Yes, this outfit is not particularly inventive or new, especially for me  – just jeans, a tee and Chucks. It does, however, remind everyone of just how much of a geek I truly am. I look like I should be going to a Con or something. Maybe I will wear this to a Con one day. Either way it definitely displays how I am a dyed to the wool Doctor Who fan. To be fair I am actually a Tenth Doctor fan more than an Eleventh. Though, bow ties are indeed cool. At least my absolute favorite villains of any SciFi series anywhere are well represented! Don’t blink!!

For a long time now I have been introducing this blog as my geeky, nerdy, sometimes plus size & tall style, pieces of me blog. That’s not changing anytime soon.




Doctor Who Bow Tie tee: Torrid (February 2013)
Dark wash skinny jeans: Torrid (February 2013)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Khaki colored rain/trench coat: London Fog via Burlington Coat Factory (October 2012)
Tardis & Blinking Angels necklace: Etsy via Reddit Secret Santa Dr Who exchange (October 2012)


6 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Doctor Who Geektastic

  1. Jane says:

    Totally digging the whole outfit! That would make an awesome Con outfit!
    Dark wash jeans are pretty much my fav things lately as they can easily amp up laid-back outfits as well as make just about any top/sweater/tee/blouse look more hip.
    Are your Chucks black or dark navy? Can’t quite tell the difference.


    • Thank you! I agree. The dark wash have definitely been my favorites lately as well (on and off the blog) for the exact same reasons. Oh and the Chucks are black, just a well loved black, so almost navy at this point! I’d love to pick up a few more colors but unless I do custom there isn’t much selection in my size. And besides I keep going round and round on the other colors. I can’t decide if I would wear another color enough to justify the purchase. And so the black stay. Maybe a new pair soon…?


  2. Kristen says:

    Where did your glasses come from? That is the shape I like best for me and Im in the market for a new set of frames!


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