Review: Camera Accessories

So I’ve been using my new camera for about 2 months along with some of the accessories I have bought since then. Time for some totally unpaid and unsolicited reviews!

The camera is a Nikon P510 Coolpix and I adore it! Keep in mind that my last camera was a very simple Nikon Coolpix. The only thing I could do on camera was adjust the white balance. There were no custom settings. It worked but not well. Every photo had to be heavily post processed. Balanced. Frankly it may be partially why I took a short break last summer. Taking pictures sucked. But this camera? Pure love. So easy to use, lots of preset settings like shooting in a museum, a night landscape, a self-portrait, fireworks, etc. but completely manual as well. I have enjoyed experimenting with the settings and I will keep doing so. Heck I think I need to take a class or two.

I won’t bore anyone with a camera review, you can Google that. But the settings make this totally worthwhile. The perfect balance between manual and automatic. I suggest everyone check this out if they want a middle category camera or a lightweight DSLR.

Camera Review - Leash

Now on to my favorite pieces – the Leash and Cuff by Peak Design. They are both so easy-to-use, so simple. It clips on easily, clips off easily. The Leash can be easily adjusted for everything from a full-length crossbody to a neck strap. But it’s also comfortable, light, easy to wear, doesn’t scrape my neck or bunch and super strong. And when you need to remove it you can fold it up so that it’s actually small enough to hold in one hand.

Camera Review - Capture

And the wrist strap? Love! It securely attaches to your wrist, comfortable, doesn’t bind, and adjusts easily but will not allow your camera to go anywhere. And the best part? It clips to itself making a bracelet when you don’t need it attached to the camera but still want easy access. Just watch the videos on these and I’m sure you will agree. You will want these!

And last but not least camera protection and bags. I had bought some plain camera bag reminiscent of BuiltNY. I liked it but it didn’t work for what I wanted to do. I really wanted – want – to have my camera with me as much as possible and I kept forgetting the case at home. Not the best. So instead I bought a camera bag/purse and I figured I would upgrade to something more expensive if I really liked it or if I really wanted to. So I bought one at Walmart that has great reviews online, the Lowepro Passport Sling.

Camera Review - Lowepro Passport Sling

Camera Review - Lowepro Passport Sling

This bag is fantastic, especially for travel. It’s nylon so it collapses easily in your luggage (which is exactly what I intend to do with it). It also has plenty of room for some extra tag alongs like a guide-book and wallet. Frankly the fewer things I need to keep track of in public while traveling the better. And that includes a separate purse. But I have been using this bag all the time and I quickly missed my beautiful purses. So in addition I bought this by BuiltNY:

Camera Review - Built case

Camera Review - Built case

It only holds the camera and the strap. No room for anything else except maybe a spare battery or SD cards. This also fits snugly into the Lowepro camera spot. Now I just slip out my camera into my regular purse when I want and then back into the camera bag most of the time. It’s actually a system that works well for me.

But if you take away anything from this post it should be that you need Capture and Leash in your life. Need I tell you! Best camera accessories ever.