Daily Outfit: Depressed Hearing

I got nothing.

I have been staring at this blank post for most of the day and I still got nothing. Pathetic.

Oh wait! No, um, nevermind. Hmm.

I could talk about something that is depressing me lately though if your up for it. If not skip everything else, look at the outfit photos, and come back tomorrow when I post some reviews. Ok then, moving on.

I am having greater difficulty with my hearing. To the point that I am rather worried about it. I have had hearing loss since I was a kid so losing my hearing is nothing new, nor is it solely a part of aging. I was talking to my mother about it last night and she said my hearing loss was explained to her using graphs. Love medical issues that come with graphics…sigh. At any rate a normal human has a bell curve of hearing. Basically you start out with only hearing so many frequencies, gradually increase your range then decrease again over time. Very common. My bell curve is screwed up and I peaked early and decreased quickly. Combine that with my awesome eyesight (sarcasm is totally intentional) and I’m going to be blind and deaf in no time. Can you say depressing? We went to dinner last night and the waiter, a nice guy I’m sure, had a very soft foreign voice. The restaurant was loud to boot. Basically I didn’t understand a single word he said. The entire night. Thank god for my husband otherwise I never would have gotten any of it. Yup. Depressed and worried.

Though mostly it is a non-issue and I do okay. Especially if I tell people I have hearing loss. I just wish I could smile at someone and hand them a card that says “I’m not trying to be a PITA, and I’m not stupid or ignoring you, I just can’t hear you.”



Green button down with flutter cap sleeves: eShakti (December 2012)
Black traditional blazer with the sleeves rolled up: Lane Bryant (February 2011)
Dark wash straight leg jeans: Avenue (winter 2012, I think)
Black bow flats: Payless (December 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)
Vintage blue teardrop rhinestone necklace: Ruby Lane (May 2012)


5 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Depressed Hearing

  1. Jane says:

    Ugh, bummer about your progressive hearing loss. It’s so easy to forget how handy, useful & convenient our 5 senses are until they start going on the fritz.
    One of my siblings had some hearing issues as a child & eventually did lose his hearing as a young adult, but he swears he’s no worse for it. Most folks have no idea he’s deaf & he doesn’t make it an issue. He does have some kind of deeply embedded hearing mechanism thingy that helps with some sound/tone/vibration changes, so he’s good to go.

    Hearing issues have been an issue in my family anyways so we all are mindful of that & don’t abuse our ears anymore than is necessary.
    Aside from the obvious things to retain your hearing – like don’t sit next to the speakers at a rock concert every night, I’d encourage you to wear ear plugs when blow drying your hair, careful with driving w/windows down (can be super damn loud), ditch the ipod ear buds, etc.

    I guess where I’m heading with this is…yeah it would suck to lose your hearing & sometimes you can’t avoid it, but you can avoid encouraging hearing loss by abusing your ears.

    I haven’t blowed dried my hair without wearing ear plugs since I was in my teens (when my brother lost his hearing). I even wear them when I get my hair cut /blow-dried at the salon.
    Anyways, you should have a baseline audiology test done every so often to keep a tally of what’s going on w/your hearing. Might give you some peace of mind along with knowing where your hearing “gaps” reside – that is which tones you are losing.
    Keep us readers in the loop with this – otherwise we’ll worry n stuff!


    • Sorry to hear that! But glad your brother is no worse off for it especially. I have been careful with my hearing for a long time doing everything you outlined, except maybe blow drying because I don’t blow dry. 😀 I do believe you are right and I just have to bite the bullet and get tested. Sigh.


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