Daily Outfit: Striped & Facebook Friends

I see bad posture. Oh well.

I had totally forgotten about this shirt. It’s not like it was hiding or anything. But when I did the 2012 year in review and was combing through old outfits I suddenly remembered that I had it. So be it.

I spent a chunk of time cleaning up my Facebook friends list. It’s not that I dislike anyone I cancelled a friendship with, I don’t. It’s that interacting, or lack of interacting, wasn’t much of a reason to continue being friends. Furthermore I won’t friend certain individuals or family members as I am afraid of any damage Facebook may cause to our relationship (conversely I like you so little that seeing the real you on Facebook or having you criticize the real me will make me like you less). Though I will admit I have gotten to know some people on Facebook that I never would have dreamed of interacting with before and they are amazing individuals! I have some truly wonderful people in my life. Just like those of you who comment on every (or nearly so) blog post – I love seeing your name pop up on comments and truly look forward to it!!

Regardless my house cleaning made me thing of all the people I have friended over the years and why. I’ve had a Facebook account almost since they went public with open enrollment. I have liked and unliked a great number of things, including people. I wondered what makes my interactions with people. Who am I happy to hear from? Why? I dunno. I’m still chewing on all this.

Why do you have some of the Facebook friends you do? And what happens if someone doesn’t make the cut? Why don’t they make the cut?



Asymmetrical black and white striped long sleeve tee: City Chic (January 2012)
Dark wash straight leg jeans: Avenue (winter 2012, I think)
Black bow flats: Payless (December 2012)
Black Double Buckle Belt: Torrid (Jan 2011)
Rough aluminum chain bracelet: DIY (December 2012)
Antique silver spoon made into a necklace: Mon Petit Chou Boutique on Etsy (December 2012)


3 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Striped & Facebook Friends

  1. Kristen says:

    I have thought about cleaning up my Facebook friends list as well. I have some “friends” from high school, which is really a joke since I hated mostly everyone I went to high school with. I have some friends who were work associates but we are no longer. And I have some family members.

    Someone who wouldn’t make the cut would be someone I don’t know all that well in “real life” and gives me the creeps for them to see my photos etc…..or ANYONE associated with my husband’s ex wife….that is a bowl full of crazy I don’t want closer to me than she has to be. (we have custody of their kid).

    Just my two cents………..and for the record I love seeing new posts! That makes me happy


  2. Jane says:

    I signed up for FB & after the intial wow factor faded I deleted my account with 2 wks of opening it. Mostly folks I knew from High School & a few from college & from when I was in the military…otherwise, no one who I really had any further interest in other than to find out what became of them. Once I had the answer to that question, the novelty wore off & I really had nothing worthwhile to chit chat with these folks about let alone had anything in common with anymore (aside from high school, college, etc) – but that can carry a conversation just so far before boredom set in with it all.
    Anyone I’m friends with today – we email, text or otherwise actually see each other IRL. I get a lot of backlash when folks find out I’m not making myself available on every social media site but that’s ok by me. I really don’t want some dude in my junior high knowing I ate sushi last night or some vague former co-worker from 15 yrs ago seeing my vacation pics. Plus, I’m not that interested in my friends (former & current) e.v.e.r.y single update. Taking little Bobby to soccer practice. Yawn. Tammi’s eating celery for lunch. Yawn. Linda likes Bejeweled Blitz. Yawn. Mary “liked” Tide Landry Detergent. Yawn. Yawn. Yawn.
    FB is like flying a plane. 99% boredom & 1% sheer terror. That is, 99% is yawn-worthy & 1% might maybe dredge up a juicy bit of over-the-top shock gossip. Still, not worth the other 99% you have to sift through.


  3. M says:

    FB is like flying a plane. 99% boredom & 1% sheer terror.
    ^^ Best thing I have heard all week! Too funny.

    Friends on Facebook, and Facebook in general is a very interesting topic, and I am sure the answers will vary with every person you ask. (The other thing that is weird is how Facebook and Google basically ARE the internet anymore, but that could be a whole ‘nother topic.)

    I am not Facebook friends with anyone from my work, or related to my work. I even have many of them straight out blocked. Not that I don’t like them, because most of them I really do, I do not mix my work and personal lives, which is weird, beause I have worked at the same organization for 17+ years. Do I suffer for it? Yes, as outside of my husband I do not have any friends I socialize with outside of work. It’s a good thing I really like him! Anyway, due to my position at work, I have to keep it all separate.

    I am also cautious as to what I share on Facebook. I have 99 friends. I know them all, but I do not choose to share everything with all of them. We went through the “game” phase, my husband and I, with all of that Farm and Cafe crap and had way more “friends” but some of them were very weird, and I did not want to show up on people’s friends list and have the appearance that I might be affiliated with them – too much at stake if someone were to make a judgement. I don’t want to be friends with someone with a half naked chick or a pot leaf as their avatar, you know? So my friends are only people I know (a few I do know from the internet, but they are people I have communicated with for a long time!) and from there I have a specialized list (creatively called “People I Actually Know” that can see my posts.

    I don’t mind the updates, because they are from people I am actually interested in. Every now and then I do go and delete people who I have not seen any posts from in a long time. I get all weird and think maybe they have protected their updates and do not care to share with me for one reason or another.

    Also this: I really don’t want some dude in my junior high knowing I ate sushi last night or some vague former co-worker from 15 yrs ago seeing my vacation pics.

    I could not agree more with you there. I feel like this: I will not be someone’s side show. If I am sharing with you, you should think enough of me to share your life with me also. I will not be entertainment for someone. I am PERSON and I treat others like PEOPLE, and I hope everyone can do the same. (I know they can’t, won’t, choose not or whatever, but I can hope!)

    I think I have totally lost the point here….

    Anyway, share what you want with who you want. Those who like you will understand and will know if you need a techno time out. Those who bitch about don’t have their own life and want to live yours!


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