Daily Outfit: Yet Another Black Sweater

I swear these things breed in the dark. I have no other explanation for why I have so many black sweaters. Nor do I have an explanation for these jeans.

I literally have no idea where these jeans came from. I found them in my jeans drawer but I do not remember buying them. I am assuming they did not fit exactly right (just a hair too tight) or something as I can find no rational reason I would keep them and not return them. Further more I must have bought them last winter (maybe?) as I know our local Avenue stores closed down in May this year (so you will see very little Avenue clothing from now on as their quality and fit is all over the place and I have returned nearly everything I have ever bought online).

Oh and check out the arm party (god I hate that term, I’m still using it, I just hate it!) – those are DIY and so very easy. Literally the easiest DIY anyone can do. The chain is called aluminum cast chain. It is super light but very difficult to cut. I bought mine at Michael’s Craft Store but you can get it at most bead stores as well. Basically you just bend a link using a pair of pliers at the cut line to get it to the length you need, add jump rings and a clasp – I use magnetic ones for bracelets since I hate closing my own bracelet – and your done! I told you easiest DIY on the planet. No need to buy one!




Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (January 2011)
Black pullover long sleeve sweater: Thrifted (dunno…I think at least before 2007)
Dark wash straight leg jeans: Avenue (winter 2012, I think)
Black pumps: Payless (December 2012)
Long triangular dangly chain choker: Charming Charlies (January 2012)
Large fishhook earrings with dangling crystals: Evans UK (April 2011)
Rough aluminum chain bracelets: DIY (December 2012)


5 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Yet Another Black Sweater

  1. Jane says:

    Stop it now. Seriously. Black sweaters are the beginning of the end. They are the Mayan Calendar of the clothing world. A black sweater here, a total black wardrobe there. It always starts out so innocently enough, but with age comes more black clothing until no light can ever escape. You never see Stephen “Mr. black hole” Hawking wearing too much black – he gets it & knows what tragedy could lay ahead.


    • Best comment ever!! I agree they are the beginning of the end – I tend to buy a lot of black items anyhow. I must secretly be a New Yorker or something. Must stop!


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