Daily Outfit: Sweater Weather & Reddit

This seems to be the sweater that will not die. It’s in the same condition as it was when I bought it nearly 5 years ago. It’s not going anywhere. Honestly it is probably going to go out of style first! 😀 And I don’t know why I always want to belt it.

I know that my Reddit Secret Santa partner should be getting her gifts this week and I have 1 coming for me that I should get any day now. Speaking of Reddit…I have a friend who used Reddit’s Random Acts of Christmas to help provide for her niece and nephew as her brother is having a really rough time right now. Basically people stepped up in a phenomenal way for 2 little kids who still believe in Santa. Just because they can afford to do so and wanted to. It is absolutely amazing that there are people out there who will do this for total strangers. It is the point of the season right? Makes me all weepy!

If you haven’t checked out Reddit’s Random Acts of Christmas and you are looking for ways to help this season, consider this as an option. The Reddit community is awesome!! And yes I am a total Reddit groupie even though I never post at Reddit proper (just all the other sites affiliated with them)! 😀



Black high collared sweater: Walmart (Winter 2008)
Boot leg darkwash jeans: Lane Bryant (October 2012)
Black studded Belt: Lane Bryant (January 2011)
Black bow flat: Payless (December 2012)
Long multi-chain necklace: Charming Charlie (October 2012)


6 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Sweater Weather & Reddit

  1. Jane says:

    I check in with Reddit about once a whenever, but everytime I do there’s always something really cool to see or read about.
    The Consumerist is my daily addiction.
    Btw, your hair looks great!


    • Exactly! That’s how I end up never posting at Reddit, rabbit holes everywhere. I end up doing the same at the Consumerist as well. And thank you! It was a good hair day, especially considering this is without a shower as the city was doing something to the waterline and I didn’t squeeze in the shower before they shut it off for the day. *shakes fist in the air* Now if only I could get it to look this good all the time.


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