My Week in Photos: Sunday Drive Time

So I’m back from my week in Colorado and I’d like to share as it was a great week!

This day started much too early – the alarm rang out at 4 am. We were in the car about an hour after that with coffee. Lots of coffee. My hometown (Georgetown, Colorado) is about 9 hours drive time (with breaks and gas stops) or 572 miles from here so we didn’t arrive there until about 2 pm. We left that early for a couple of reasons including making sure we were driving up the mountain during daylight. I have driven there many times but I am still shaky actually driving in the mountains, just not enough practice yet.



Sunrise near the Platte River

Sunrise near the Platte River

First view of Front Range from Brighton

My first look at the Front Range

View of Douglas Mountain

The view outside my mother’s house. Great view. So long as you don’t know that just off to the right there, on the other side of the green roofed house, is the cemetery.

Once we arrived at my mother’s house we took a quick tour, settled in bit, unpacked and then had dinner in town at a place called Lucha Grande Cantina (they also have a location in Breckenridge).

Chili Relleno

I ordered the chili relleno with green chili and it was fantastic! I miss green chili so very much it’s insane. Nebraska doesn’t really do Tex-Mex they do Mexican. It’s delicious but it means that no one even has green chili on the menu nevermind even knowing what it is! The only place I know of is Village Inn and theirs is just barely passable. Regardless the place was very very dark so the photo did not turn out well. I tried.

Soon after it was back to my mom’s, tv (Walking Dead was on after all), and bed early. We actually had a 2 hour time change due to Daylight Savings ending and driving into Mountain Time. Totally kicked our butts all week!

Up the next day – hot springs!


4 thoughts on “My Week in Photos: Sunday Drive Time

  1. Jane says:

    Wait…..weren’t you married? Geez, I could’ve sworn you got married in LV not too long ago….but then again, you could have gotten it annulled by now too. Wow, hope not. But if y’all did, then it sounds like you have moved on! Forward is always better than reverse no doubt!


    • Nope, still very much happily married! We had the opportunity to visit my mom in Colorado (and help her get settled after her move back to our hometown) and we took it. Plus it gave us the chance to do a few touristy type things.


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