Pinterest Success

While I was certainly interested in the presidential debate last night I can only hear a politician ramble on for so long without doing something else besides. So I decided to make myself productive while sitting in front of the boob tube and using a tip I discovered on Pinterest I crafted this:

Guidebook with washi tape tabs

It’s actually a very handy tip. I have read the guidebook from cover to cover, highlighting the interesting sections that pertain to our trip. It never even occurred to me to make tabs to make finding that info even easier. So I tabbed out the major areas we are going to visit and sub-tabbed them with washi tape. Different colors for different things.

  • Purple for things to see and places to go
  • Maroon for shopping
  • Green for tour groups and companies
  • Orange for festivals and events (like music festivals or farmer’s markets)
  • Blue for places to eat
  • And a light orange (near the top of the pages on the opposite end) is for very important information about Ireland, getting around, Tourist offices, etc.

I intend to slip in other pages of other guidebooks and tab them appropriately as well. Let’s see how it holds up in actual use.

Honestly though this is one of the few times I have crafted something from Pinterest. Mostly I use it as a time waster for really cool ideas I could never do. The Internet is littered with Pinterest fail blogs so I already know that most things would be a challenge at best. Heck I’m even afraid to make recipes I find through Pinterest! Though this pumpkin caramel drizzled buttercream bread looks absolutely fantastic and it just might be worth the attempt. I don’t think it’s a fear of failure so much as I know Pinterest is full of great ideas that have been perfectly executed, something I don’t think I could ever achieve.

It has been great for one thing though – organizing gift lists and ideas for Christmas.

Have you ever made anything from Pinterest? How did it turn out?


4 thoughts on “Pinterest Success

  1. M says:

    I made some Pintrest inspired candy bouquets for the kids for Valentine’s Day once. Also used the frozen water in latex glove effect in some Halloween punch last year which was Pintrest inspired.


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