Window Shopping at Evans UK

I haven’t been shopping in ages. Part of it is money; I’m trying to save for several reasons I can’t wait to discuss (one will be soon! And no none of them involve a pregnancy as it seems like all my favorite bloggers are pregnant right now. The only pregnancy in my life right now belongs to my husband’s sister who is having twins next month!). Part of it is my being conscious of what I purchase, how long it will last, what is the point of the item, etc. Part of it is spending money decorating my home instead of my body. And part of it is the complete boredom with fashion at the moment. Not blogging my outfits for a month and a half (or so) really helped me understand where I was spending money and how.

But I am in desperate need of one or two items. Something to perk up the wardrobe. Something new to inspire I hope. So I started window shopping at Evans. Since their fashion is related but different from what is available here Stateside I thought it might get the juices flowing. I really love all these items. But honestly I think I am going to buy the striped top and the red top in the top row and nothing else.  I am going to sit on it for a while just to make sure that is how I spend my money.

Oh and the other thing I am looking for – a trench. I don’t have one and I think it would be a lovely addition. I found a couple that I like. And I think I have decided. Time to actually decided and buy I guess!!

Evans UK