I miss you guys! And I miss blogging!

There I said it. My husband called it. He was right. So was his mother. They both said I couldn’t stay away from it.

I miss you guys! Thank you all for the words of encouragement!

So I am working on the new format. Having a weekly format helps me know what to post and when. It actually makes me a much better blogger. I am definitely working on it I just want to make sure that my topics are vast enough that I always have something to talk about but are not too confined that I beat a dead horse. Regardless I seriously miss the routine of blogging. The ideas that I want to voice that have no platform. I am positive at this point that I want to move back into becoming a lifestyle/personal blogger. It doesn’t mean I won’t post outfits or shopping or clothes – I am too in love with fashion not too! – but that I will also be posting other things. I enjoy sharing my adventures here. Heck my favorite weekly reoccurring post was what I did last week with snapshots of my life. My mostly boring life to be sure. Look for my new format next week. I hope so anyway.

So now that that bit of housekeeping is out-of-the-way I’ll pose a question for you all that is totally related. I used to read wedding blogs like they were going out of style. But I am basically over it now and am moving into the house and home phase. I have been spending a buttload (technical term) of time at Houzz but I am looking for suggestions! I love to DIY (though my sister is better than me) and I love to decorate but I am sort of at a loss for blogs to read. Any suggestions out there at all?


5 thoughts on “I miss you guys! And I miss blogging!

  1. Kristen says:

    I just want to say YAHOO!!!!! I missed your blogging and Im so glad you are back! Can’t wait for outfits (even spotty) you are a fashion inspiration to me! As for house blogs on I read regularly is Quite Contrary. She does other stuff than house but she does do DIY and such.


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