Friend Friday: 5 Things

Name the five things in your closet or the five products that you can’t live without

1. My iPhone
Not strictly in my closet but the one item I MUST have in my hands when going anywhere. It’s my life. I take almost all my photos with it, my calendar is in it and no way would I even be able to call anyone without it as I know no one’s numbers. Heck I have trouble remembering mine! I love my iPhone. And by extension this includes my iPad as well…I so love my iPad.

My iPad and my iPhone

2. My Chuck Taylors
I adore my Chucks! I’m just a Chuck girl at heart and have been since I was a kid. They are comfortable, can casual up any outfit and are the perfect walking shoe for my feet. I wore them almost exclusively in Las Vegas and I certainly hadn’t planned it that way! I brought shoes I never even wore because the Chucks were just more comfortable. I know a lot of people can’t stand to walk in them for too long but with the way my feet are shaped Chucks aren’t too bad.

3. My baseball hat for Wicked
I had loved Wicked from afar but never seen it on stage until it came to Omaha in 2009. My husband (boyfriend at the time) bought me tickets to see it as his birthday present to me. I loved every single minute! Of course I bought a souvenir at intermission – a baseball hat with the Wicked logo on the front. I wear that hat any time I have to wear a hat. I know it never shows up on the blog but part of that is because I only wear a baseball hat when I am wearing something grubby. And grubby doesn’t get seen here!

4. My Woot T-shirts
All of them. I am a giant geeky nerd and I embrace it! My Woot shirts remind me just how big of a geek I truly am! My very first shirt was Pascal’s Triangle and my most recent says BAZINGA on it after all. I am a geek. I really should show them off here a bit more…

5. My engagement and wedding rings
Enough said there I think!!

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