Daily Outfit: Oversharing & Being Brave

At what point does sharing become oversharing? I think about this a lot as I am a very private, shy and introverted individual in my real life. I don’t think my co-workers know who my best friend is (and I work 12 hr shifts at a small company – we talk a lot there). It’s not that I am hiding anything I just don’t like sharing much. It’s not even things that make me vulnerable (definitely that but not exclusively) but I don’t share a lot of other things about myself. I also don’t have a lot of friends. It takes a lot to get to know me and I like it that way. I know that the friends I do have are worth their weight in gold. And yet they still discover things about me years and decades later. It certainly doesn’t mean I am some huge mystery, what you read here isn’t a lot less than what I share with co-workers for example, but I do keep a lot to myself.

Due to my core nature I always have to think about what I write here, on Facebook, on Twitter. Sometimes I get embarrassed that I overshared somehow (true or not) and I end up deleting whatever it is. I also see photos like this outfit which make me question why do I blog at all? I’ve been sitting on it for a week. Just thinking about it. This not my most attractive photo. At least as far as my chubby chicken wings & thighs are concerned. At the time that I wore this it was over 100 degrees and hot as Hades. I wanted to run around naked but couldn’t of course. So this helped immensely. I was cool, it was flowy and non-binding. It was perfect. And even when I took the photos, though hot, I thought they looked ok. I then download them and cropped & sized them in order to prep them for the blog and it was then that I noticed my arms and thighs.

I know I am a fat chick. I get that very loud and clear. How could I miss it? But seeing photos like these make me question myself. Am I oversharing my negative body image in the interwebs? What you put out can not be taken back. I am just itching to delete this entire post or, more likely, just make it an unpublished draft that I then re-use in some other way with the photos never seeing the light of day. But is that fair to me? Is that fair to that person inside who desperately tries to be brave and who tries to put themselves out there?

Nope. I’m still chicken shit and dislike this photo. Be brave Missy, don’t delete. Don’t delete. Put yourself out there.



Blue & black leaf patterned sleeveless tunic: gift probably thrifted originally (July 2012)
Black twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Black scarf worn as a headband: Target (June 2012)
Silver peacock “feather” earrings: Aldo (May 2012)
Multi-chain necklace worn as a bracelet: Charming Charlies (July 2011)


3 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Oversharing & Being Brave

  1. Ann Rejda says:

    I like the top over shorts or pants in cooler weather. Great top color… My sister Nancy and I used to live near water and would . I am going to email the rest of this .la


  2. Way to be brave. I struggle with the same thoughts. The attitude which I’ve adopted (or tried to) is that I am who I am and there is no shame in it. The photos in which I feel like a blob are still me in that moment, and I am still awesome. You’re awesome too.


  3. carol says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog, you sound like a fun person. Not everyone is a perfect size 2 nor should they want to be.


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