Daily Outfit: Sort of Patriotic

I didn’t wear this yesterday. This year I decided to be a rebel and wore something different. However I did wear this the other day when it was humid as HELL and about 100 degrees. I’ll repeat the same mantra I quote endlessly until October or so – I hate summer. I freaking hate summer!

This year I missed out on fireworks. Well that’s not strictly true as I watched a few on the horizon on Saturday night and a few that a neighbor did last night. But I didn’t go to a big fireworks show or actively seek any out. I’m rather sad about that! I love fireworks.

And because its been nearly 100% humidity and 90 to 100 degrees there wasn’t any picnics this year either. The weather keeps giving me (heat-induced) migraines. It just hasn’t felt very much like it was the country’s birthday. This is where I say there is always next year. I suppose…

Can I change topics for just a second? Planning a wedding, or looking at sites & sources to plan a wedding, was my hobby of the minute until I got married about 6 weeks ago (only 1 more month until we beat out Kim Kardashian! :D). Now I need a new hobby of the minute that I will eventually drop and move on to something else. Hey, I know me!

I could pick up crosstitch again as its cheap and easy plus I already know how to do it and have the tools. I could do jewelry making again. That’s something I could flesh out, lots of untested ground there and I have a lot of tools. I can’t possibly collect anything more as I have plenty of collections. Well time to find something else to do I’m just not sure what.



Plain Red long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Blue linen button down: Avenue (August 2009)
Black twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Silver beaded circle black leather flip flops: Torrid (July 2011)
Black scarf worn as a headband: Target (June 2012)
Turquoise & Silver dangle earrings: a Grand Canyon gift shop (May 2012)