My Week in Photos

  • My mother came in to town to visit not just my sister’s family but the husband and me as well. Went swimming and had pizza at Old Chicago. The entire dinner the 4-year-old was saying “raise the roof”! Cracking up the waitress and my sister had no idea where he learned it!
  • I found digestives at my local Wal-Mart! I love digestives but its hell getting them in Omaha for some reason. It’s hit or miss. I bought all they had on the shelf!
  • Mexican food and a margarita made the end of the a crappy day much better. It didn’t help the week though.
  • Breakfast at Bailey’s, a local place. I love their Hollandaise sauce and poached eggs.
  • Saw Ted after a dinner with the husband’s family. I was exhausted after a busy crappy day at work but Brad talked me into it (not hard considering the reviews) – I just had to down a lot of soda. The movie itself was fantastically funny! Definitely rated R but if you like Family Guy at all you will like Ted – same style of humor for the most part.
  • Went furniture shopping for a new coffee table. I really love this one but it’s expensive and it means we would have to buy new end tables as it is not the same style as my mid-century modern ones. So I don’t know yet. Don’t be surprised to see me post more photos in the next few weeks while trying to decide. I’m also on the hunt for a new living room rug. But then again I have been on the hunt since buying a “good enough” rug 2 years ago. I hate that rug. Always have.
  • Not pictured: shopping for my Arbitrary Day match. I bought at least one thing online but I’m going to go find some more later today in a local store.