My Week in Photos

Lots of different stuff this week and not a lot of great photos. I’ll do better next week.

  • Thrift storing & traditional shopping. I am looking for a new vanity to go with the new bed frame and dresser. My current vanity is very curved and rounded – a 1940s inlaid wood vanity. I love it but it doesn’t match the rest of the furniture. So I need a blocky wood one instead. Either 1950s or modern. A classic vanity or a modern writing desk. I’ll find something it just might take a while.
  • I spent hours and hours this week working on the Las Vegas photo albums – one for the wedding and one for the week there. It consumed more time than a part-time job would. And I took photos of all the little odds and ends (like ticket stubs) to include in the album. Oy vey. I am very close to done thankfully. This is our autographed ticket for Penn & Teller. Probably my husband’s favorite page in the album!
  • Another trip to Orange Leaf. Sinfully good low-fat or fat-free frozen yogurt. This has peanut butter, brownie and wedding cake in it. Oh my!
  • TGI Fridays for a much-needed drink (Blackberry Long Island Tea) and a steak. Definitely needed this.
  • Saw 2 movies – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Brave. They were both wonderful! The critics did not like Lincoln as it took itself seriously. It is a book. That is the point! Loved it! And Brave was STUNNING visually and the story was fabulously written. There were not a lot of kids in our showing either which was a surprise since it was 2 pm on a very hot and humid Sunday.
  • My husband has joined iCult. The changes to plans at Verizon and his ability to upgrade and modify our plan all facilitated the need for a new phone. His ownership of an iPad convinced him to get an iPhone. Yay! I also bought a new case I have had my eye on for a while. Love the polka dots and pink sides!