Daily Outfit: Inspired!

I have made my decision on my first tattoo. My (birth) last name just so happens to be the name of a medieval creature once used on shields and family crests in Ireland and Scotland (though my name descended from Germany). I am going to get a caricature of this creature on either my shoulder or ankle area. I know the ankle hurts like hell but the tattoo is something I want to see if I can. I want to be reminded of the last name I had for 31 years. I’ll probably do it in the fall but I am going to start shopping for an artist soon.

Anyway on to the outfit. I would have preferred a dark brown short but alas I don’t own one and there isn’t anything on the market currently that I like. So tan it is.

The inspiration for this was from A Pretty Penny. My first thought was I had very similar shoes and I had yet to save them in the shoe challenge. My next thought was I had a white shirt I hadn’t yet worn. From there it cobbled together easily. I was asked if I was an artist while I was wearing this but I’m doubtful of that!! Either way I love it.



Olive green flounce halter dress: Lane Bryant (May 2011)
Tan twill shorts: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
White silk safari button-down shirt: Lane Bryant (May 2012)
Brown canvas espadrille wedges: Payless (June 2008)
Green, blue & pink sheer scarf: Charming Charlies (June 2012)
Multi-chain dangle earrings: Target (Oct 2007)