My Week in Photos

I have been throwing myself into decorating lately. A hobby I enjoy but there isn’t a lot of photos to be had for it until it’s all done, and I am nowhere near that yet. Mostly it has been research finding the right pieces.

  • I finished up the photo collages of the wedding pictures and hung them. Not bad at all. Up next: photobook or photobooks (haven’t decided how to split it or if I will). Especially as there are family stuffs starting next month and I want to make sure I have it with me at some of these events. Not that family hasn’t seen the photos for the most part…but still…I would like to include other people’s picture too though so if you went to the wedding please share your pictures on our share site! Thank you!
  • Russell Stover makes S’mores! I was at CVS picking up something and these were on the counter. It didn’t just make my day it definitely made my week! A crappy s’more is better than no s’more at all!
  • Our new big girl/adult dresser. This thing is HEAVY!! But I love the lines. The color in real life is actually black with brown undertones. It’s beautiful! And so much space!!
  • Pizza at Zio’s complete with anchovies. Yum!
  • Did you see Nik Wallenda walk across the tightrope over Niagara Falls? It was amazing! But I love stuff like this. He said he was going to do the Grand Canyon next and I can’t wait for that.
  • Cheesecake Factory for dinner – I had a burger with sweet potato fries. I absolutely love going there.
  • Our new bedframe and bed linens. Gray, green, brown and off white. Beautiful color scheme together. It took me 2 hours yesterday to put this stupid frame together but it is put together! And it looks great!