Friend Friday: Vacation

I adore going on vacation! I love to travel and I love seeing the world. There is just too much cool stuff out there to sit at home in OMAHA all the time. And to top this off I collect postcards and foreign currency and have for 20 years. Anything to remind me of going something out of my ordinary. I want to be that old woman who regrets where she didn’t go and not where she did – and I don’t want a single regret!!

It’s funny  I have mostly “likes” about traveling and only a few “dislikes” – not seeing everything I made plans to see, relaxing on a beach or by the pool for more than an hour every afternoon or so (my own idea of hell is if that is ALL we do – not relaxing at all!), amusement parks and wasting time while we are wherever. I don’t mind packing – I pack endlessly a few weeks before a trip. I’m a Penelope and this part makes me happy. Nor do I mind planning a vacation – more Penelope. I really love flying even if I hyperventilate at the thought of heights and I get claustrophobic. I love trudging somewhere new and reading maps hoping not to get lost. I love seeing the sites and tasting the local food stuffs. I don’t even mind that I don’t seem to sleep much in a hotel room (I slept about 5 hours or so each night we were in Vegas getting up at sunrise, I tried to sleep later and couldn’t). Nope traveling is one thing I look forward to.

Speaking of vacation we need to start planning our next one. I have never seen the ocean. I’m serious. I have even been pretty close (Washington D.C. was the closest but it was a high school trip and I had no control over where the group went – I smelled it but did not see it). I have however traveled all over the Midwest, Rocky Mountains & Southwest with a smattering of the South. I know that husband’s parents want to do Yellowstone next summer and my mother and a few of her relatives are planning a trip to Hawaii next winter. We are invited to both if we want to go. But for my next adventure I want ocean. I also want to go somewhere that the husband hasn’t been and it will have to be domestic as we aren’t ready for an international expense at this time (oh but we will!). I’m floating the idea of a quick trip to Chicago in August or St. Louis this fall sometime. But we have enough credit card miles/points for another trip as well. Maybe New York, Boston or San Francisco. Maybe somewhere else entirely so I can check off swimming in the ocean.

Any suggestions out there?

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2 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Vacation

  1. Mia says:

    If you want to go into the Pacific Ocean, you could do worse than LA! I know some people eschew the touristy areas of Southern California, but I really do have a bunch of fond memories of going in the ocean with my best friend at Venice Beach and surrounding areas. So much fun! (If you’re interested in tidepools and water that’s too cold for swimming, try Half Moon Bay.)

    I’ve only been to Europe once, but one of the major highlights of the trip was going to Konstanz in Germany–I highly, highly recommend it if you’re able, especially if you can make it out to Insel Mainau, a beautiful island that’s devoted entirely to being a flower park. And the Bodensee is just gorgeous.

    (I have to say–for a long time I was never very interested in checking out other parts of the US, but hearing about yours [and other people’s] cool cross-states trips makes me interested in seeing more of our country! I’ve only been to seven states or so, and there’s so much I haven’t seen.)


    • Now Venice Beach sounds like an interesting place and definitely on the list somewhere. Germany is out, maybe permanently as the husband’s father was stationed there when he was a kid. Brad hates Germany and has zero desire to go back!

      And thank you!! I enjoyed writing about it.


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