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They say that if you were around the first time for a trend you should not being wearing it the second time. Do you think that is true? Granted I am not doing scrunchies or multiple pairs of scrunched socks but I remember neon the first time. How could I not? It was only 1990-ish. Somewhere there are very unflattering pictures of me in neon with the socks, scrunchies and…gasp…a neon fanny pack. Hey now I was 9 & 10! Be nice!

At any rate I actually really like bright colors, always have. Check my outfit log just for proof of that! The muted tones, even when in style, do nothing for me. Which means of course that regardless of the “not repeating a trend” advice out there I still intend to buy neon.

That said I now know why I was able to pick up this tank for CHEAP (read: $5) at TJ Maxx last week – it clings in all the wrong places! I had to wear shapewear to get it to lay right. And the tank straps are not ideally located so I was showing more bra strap than I prefer (I prefer none!) under that jacket. I still like the cut and it is a very very soft jersey so I will keep it for now. But if it proves ill-suited out it goes! Now the shoes are different matter all together. They make my feet sweat. And I’m pretty sure they are not flattering on me. I bought a new shoe organizer yesterday and last night when restocking I decided to toss a number of shoes from my shoe challenge early. These may end up in that pile as well. I’m doing the same to my closet. I ran out of hangers and that means I am out of space not that I need to buy more hangers (I tried that – it didn’t work – imagine?!). Oh and I intend to update my “current status” on my 1 year challenge later today. I need some inspiration and should probably wear some of the things I don’t normally wear. Except the earrings. Those are from my wedding and I am in utter deep love with them. I may wear them every day this week – and next! – just for the hell of it. 😀



Neon orange & black drapey tank: Carole Little via TJ Maxx (June 2012)
Black denim pocketless capris: Thrifted (July 2009)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gladiator cuffed flat sandals: Torrid (June 2010)
Silver metal cuff choker: H&M (May 2012)
Swarovski heliotrope crystal earrings: Etsy (May 2012)

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