My Week in Photos

Busy week!

  • I legally changed my name. This is my second marriage. For my first I didn’t change my name, I kept it. This time around I made the decision to change my name. I have a lot of reasons, none of which I want to share for all the internet to read! This is a lot of freaking work! Especially since I am 31 and have A LOT of stuff in my birth name. It’s legal but I have a lot more to do yet.
  • I bought a decal for my iPad. Totally totally fits! (for those who don’t know it is on the cover of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – a book that knows everything about everything in the Universe). And this is a new iPad – I gifted my 2 onto my nephews.
  • I used some of those Sally Hansen Salon Effects for the first time. I don’t know why I’ve waited so long as I quite like them!
  • Orange Leaf frozen yogurt. Man this stuff is so good you forget it is frozen yogurt! Seriously. I’ve got Cheesecake and Wedding Cake in this cup.
  • We also ate at Burger Star. I love their sweet potato chips! No one else makes them quite like they do.
  • Saw Prometheus. My husband’s favorite movie is Alien so of course we were going to see this. Like I had a choice! But I really liked it. Then again I like the Alien movies (just not as much as him!).
  • We went furniture shopping. Specifically for a really good dresser and headboard & footboard. Just to top it off we also bought new bedding. Honestly it seems like it’s time to do a mini decorating update to our stuff. In most cases it’s been 2 years or more since that item was purchased and is now showing it’s age (especially if it was cheap to begin with). I forgot to take pictures of the bedframe or dresser but I did take pictures of a desk that I fell in love with. Iron footings, iron base with drawers and old school wood top. Beautiful and BIG. But alas no room and not something I need or want to spend money on right now. Stuff gets delivered on Thursday so I’ll make sure to take photos.