Friend Friday: Blogging Community

What blogging communities do you belong to?

Not many. I participate when I feel like it mostly. You see it here when I do. The regulars are Everybody Everywear, Friend Friday on Modly Chic and Fill in The Blank Fridays on The Little Things We Do. If I see something else that interests me I will certainly add it as I see fit. I mean check out the other things I have participated in on the right sidebar. So I have done several times, others not so much. I rarely participate in Independent Fashion Bloggers. I’m a small fish there and I’m cool with that.

What do you think the role of community is in blogging?

I think it’s just like a lot of people, some are outgoing and some are more introverted. Some seek approval and some don’t need it. Community plays into that I believe, depending one what you want and/or need.

Blog comments, Twitter interactions and meaningful Facebook threads have decreased in the last several months. What are your thoughts on why that is?

I am not a strong commenter by any means. It’s just who I am and who I have been since I first got online with Prodigy back in 1993. I don’t interact much so I don’t notice when there isn’t much interaction. For that I apologize.

How do you cultivate community around your blog?

This may be incredibly selfish but I don’t really care about creating community around my blog. Don’t misinterpret my meaning – I love my commenters, I love my regular readers immensely! But I view my blog – and all blogs – as mostly the same. Creative endeavors for the blog owners themselves that they hope people enjoy. I would still write – and write about my life and my interests – regardless of any audience. It’s called journaling and I’ve done it since I was a wee little thing just learning to write. I just choose to do it on an open platform. Am I happy that people will comment that they love something I wrote? ABSOLUTELY! But if I don’t interest you anymore you have my permission to move along to someone who does. I don’t mind. 🙂

By all means this does not mean that all blogs are like mine, not at all. For some community is very important. But for me it’s a nice creative escape.

If you could make one resolution to be a better community member what would it be?

To comment. Commenting is key and I am either too busy, too rushed, don’t have anything meaningful to add or am too shy to say much on nearly all the blogs I read. I assure you if you see more than 1 comment from me at any given time on your blog it is because I actually read your blog on a regular basis. I swear!!

To learn more about Friend Friday or check out the other blogs participating visit Modly Chic


2 thoughts on “Friend Friday: Blogging Community

  1. Good to know! I will continue to post to my blog even no one read it (at one point no one did!) because it is my outlet. Sometimes I need to get ideas out and post rants, sometimes I like to share a cool nail art idea I did, I just like to share and I’m very grateful people give a crap haha Comments do mean a lot so hopefully you won’t be too shy and put some out there. I’m okay with even “great post” because it’s almost like an internet high-five.


    • No one read mine for a long time either (wait I take that back – hi Mom!) but it was creative for me. It was something nice and fun to do. And you are right – great post is like a high five. I just get flustered or figure what’s the point? Or even forget!! I will stick a post aside to comment when I actually have time to write something meaningful and then I never get back to it! Awful I know! I’m sorry to anyone I have ever done this to!


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