Daily Outfit: Like Wearing Pajamas

So I cut my hair…

I had wanted to cut it some time ago but was growing it out for the wedding. Now that that’s done why bother waiting any longer? I absolutely love it! So much easier to manage and too short for a ponytail, something I resort to way too much.

What do you think?

And this dress is like wearing pajamas. It’s SO comfortable. The only thing is I should have put on more lipstick before pictures were taken. Oh well. Live and learn. Try again on the next outfit.

Did anyone catch last night’s (and tonight’s) premiere of Hell’s Kitchen? I ❤ Gordon Ramsey in a big way. I was so sad when I could not eat in his new restaurant in Las Vegas (the Executive position the chefs are vying for this season). Too busy. And we didn’t have time. Seriously I am still disappointed. But it only opened in May (1 1/2 weeks before we arrived there) so there is still time – I just have to go back!



Purple & red chevron jersey dress: Old Navy (May 2012)
Plain red long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Black bolero with dolman sleeves: Marshall’s (February 2012)
Silver beaded circle black leather flip flops: Torrid (July 2011)
Pearl in a cage necklace: gift (May 2012)
Turquoise & Silver dangle earrings: a Grand Canyon gift shop (May 2012)


4 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Like Wearing Pajamas

  1. Gah! Love the bob cut! Looks great on you!

    While it’s unrecognizable now due to my curly hair, my hair is cut in a bob cut. It’s too humid now to straighten it anymore – so I concede to the humidity gods.

    You are correct in that it’s a booger to put your hair up in a ponytail – but if all else fails – barrettes & headbands. Which I can’t stand to wear as it’s an instant headache for me…plus I fidget with them relentlessly.


    • Thank you very much!! I fidget too. And I am terrible about running my hands through my hair. It is a really bad habit…but so is putting my hair in a ponytail or just brushing it out every day. Spice it up!


  2. Mia says:

    Oh, your hair looks fantastic! I mean, I am a die-hard fan of short haircuts anyway, but I think it really suits you.

    I just got my first maxi-dress a week ago, and I never wanted to take it off. Truly like pajamas, but somehow cool and classy looking! (Well, as classy as one can look when one has a cold, which I did last weekend. But still, I felt like a classy sickly lady.)


    • Thank you very much! And I am really really hoping maxi’s don’t go anywhere for awhile yet – I keep buying them so I prefer to hang on to them for a bit without looking dated.


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