My Week in Photos: Las Vegas Wedding Edition

Day 7 – Sunday May 27, 2012

Our last day in Las Vegas.

The one thing I really wanted to do while in Las Vegas was visit the Mob Museum. It was better than I anticipated and I loved it!

Walls of memorabilia highlighting people and the mob links to prohibition.

the Mob Museum

the Mob Museum

Including the brick wall from the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

St Valentine's Day Massacre wall at the Mob Museum

My mother-in-law “shooting” a Tommy Gun. A most bizarre sight!

Mary shooting a tommy gun at the Mob Museum

Brad in an “electric chair”. I can’t remember who this was an exhibit for though.

Electric chair at the Mob Museum

The main courtroom where several interactions with the Mob occurred and is now a theater highlighting the past. It was a fantastic show!

The Mob Museum

This was an interactive touchscreen table where you could find out about all the mob interactions in the various casinos in old Las Vegas. Very interesting!

The interactive casino Table at the Mob Museum

The barber chair where Albert Anastasia was murdered.

The Barber Chair of Albert Anastasia's murder at the Mob Museum

We then attempted to go to The Auto Collections but with road closures and Memorial Weekend traffic it was INSANE on The Strip and we couldn’t get anywhere near it. Instead we went to In and Out Burger for one last meal.

In and Out Burger

From there it was back to the condo & one last time swimming. We finished packing and returned the car to the rental facility. Easiest return ever! And then waited out the flight with my family.

Then nothing left but to fly home. Totally exhausted.

Not much to see on the flight home as it was dark for most of it but I did snap this picture of Lake Mead. On the bottom right is Hoover Dam.

Hoover Dam & Lake Mead from the air

All and all I loved the trip and the experience. I’m very happy we planned it the way we did! Oh and I got the professional photos and video yesterday so I will be posting those this week as well.