My Week in Photos: Las Vegas Wedding Edition

Day 3 – Wednesday May 23, 2012

This was the day everyone was arriving in Vegas so there were A LOT of phone calls from various people for various reasons. We started out the day barely able to make out the mountains around the valley as forest fires in California had blown into the area.

Mountains obscured by forest fire residue from California

We bummed about a bit in the morning but then decided to go shopping at the Outlet Mall. My goal was Coach Outlet & Michael Kors but I couldn’t find them. Part of the problem was that once we crossed over to the mall we were on the every end of the building and had approached it from the back side (as to stay away from traffic on Las Vegas Blvd) and that is where we parked then went in. I didn’t know that Coach is on the outside of the building and had to be entered that way. It wasn’t on my map of the mall either. Regardless I did purchase some things, mostly from Aldo as we don’t have that here in Omaha either. Matter of fact I only shopped at places we don’t have in Omaha.


And I got Dunkin Donuts! This may not mean anything to you that have DD but we do not have them in Omaha and I absolutely adore their donuts and coffee! Definitely a highlight of the day.

Dunkin Donuts

We then headed to the airport to pick up my husband’s friend/Best Man whose only duty was a speech at dinner. That was not fun since we had never approached this airport before (two Terminals), he had never flown before and honestly none of us knew where to go easily. But we figured it out eventually. From there it was time for In and Out Burger – something else we do not have in Omaha.

In and Out Burger

Oh man was this good!

In and Out Burger

Back to the condo for some swimming. What dummies. It was around 100 that day and there was a lot of sidewalk/poolside cement in the sun. Burned their feet.


By this time my mom was in town and we met my family for dinner/show at “Tournament of Kings” in Excalibur. HUZZAH! Lots of sword fighting, horses, jousting, dancing and cheesy entertainment.

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings

Tournament of Kings

I didn’t get busted for this one but no pictures were allowed during the show…so this is the only one I was brave enough to take.

Tournament of Kings

Mediocre food I had to eat with my hands, no silverware. And flat Pepsi to drink. Unless I had wanted alcohol which I didn’t. But it was fun. It was a lot of fun. And the kidlets were so excited!

Tournament of Kings food

And see my family even had our own Knight to cheer on (that’s my sister and her family). I have no idea what the guy’s name was but he was representing Ireland (our section) and he was fun to watch.

Our Knight at Tournament of Kings

Afterwards a few of us (my sister, mother, best man, husband and I) went to the Stratosphere observation deck. I’m scared of heights but this didn’t scare me. It was amazing seeing it at night. Beautiful!

Las Vegas Strip from Stratosphere Observation Deck

Then it was back to the condo as we needed to get up at the buttcrack of dawn the next day for the Grand Canyon!