My Week in Photos: Las Vegas Wedding Edition

Day 1 – Monday May 21, 2012

We didn’t fly out of Omaha until afternoon – we were on the 4:20 flight – so we packed and cleaned the apartment in the morning and then grabbed something to eat on the way to the airport. And waited. Nerves get the best of me and I hate being late to the airport. We boarded and got there safely, though a little uncomfortably since it was a full flight, on a beautiful day.

Nebraska from the air

Southwest Flight

Rocky Mountains from the air

By the time we landed it was 105 degrees in Vegas and I had a migraine probably due to be being dehydrated since I NEVER use the restroom on a plane. God no. Which means I limit my liquid intake before and during a flight and probably caused my own head pain. Anyhow we grabbed our checked luggage which took almost 30 minutes (yet again another reason we do not check luggage) and took the shuttle to the car rental facility.

Claiming Baggage

The Las Vegas car rental facility is a rather cool place. I’ve never seen anything like it. Basically all the companies are in the same place. You go to the company counter do the paperwork, take an escalator to the correct floor and have the attendant point out the row you can pick from. You then decide which car you want, load up and drive to the exit attendant who takes your paperwork, marks down which car you have and you are free to go. Seriously the whole thing took about 30 minutes.

The condo we were staying in for part of our trip (with his folks and sister & brother-in-law and ultimately the Best Man) was literally around the corner from the rental facility – Tahiti Village. And I have to say I LOVED staying there! The pool had lots of palm trees which created tons of shade for me to float in (as the fairer skinned Irish/German individual that I am I dislike swimming out in the sun, even with sunscreen) and there was a lazy river which people raved about but I never checked out (no shade). It was super convenient to the strip (directly South by about 10 minutes), just south of Town Square and across the street from the Outlet Mall. Honestly it allowed us to avoid the Strip entirely unless that is where we wanted to be. And we drove past the “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign more than a dozen, or two, times during the week. It was a great reminder of our wedding location each time, before and after the wedding. So besides having the convenience of our own kitchen it was a lovely place to stay for the week!

Tahiti Village - Las Vegas

Anyhow after some migraine meds (thank you Sam & Mary for those!!!) and some food (thank you Mary!!), as well as a rather long side trip to CVS for Brad, we ended up in bed later than I would have liked (as we had more to do the next day) but the 2 hour time change hit us hard that night.

As always I took a lot of photos while there. I also have my mother’s at this current time which together total over 1500 pictures. I know other people took photos too so I will sort what I can and only post the most illustrative during the week. But look for this week to be very photo heavy. Heck I took pictures of every single meal we ate. Yes, I did. I really did. I was promised that my professional wedding photos would be in the mail tomorrow so I doubt I will be able to show you anything decent for the wedding until next week but I will keep you posted. I am doubly excited to get those!