My Week in Photos

What a week!

  • Shopping with my mother and sister. I took almost no photos! Fail!!
  • I had lunch with my mother and sister then lunch with my fiance at Cheddar’s TWICE and had the exact same order TWICE. I wish I was kidding. But it was so very good!
  • Brad bought me a present! A Domo pillow!
  • My nails – the pink is OPI’s Spiderman’s Your Web or Mine and the rainbow glitter one is OPI’s Save Me – Nicki Minaj. Love both.
  • Me being goofy with giant sunglasses. Brad went in for an eye exam and I waited. Very bored obviously.
  • We got our congratulations from the President! Yes easy to get but still cool. Especially knowing that Brad and I met when he working at the local County Election office as Obama was getting elected President. We formalized our relationship on Election Day 2008 actually.
  • We took Brad’s mom out for dinner for Mother’s Day…sushi for us and cooked Japanese for her. Turned her on to some new items too!
  • Chicago Dawg House. Chicago style hot dogs and chili dogs with cheese. Yum, yum!
  • Up this week: Finalizing details for our Las Vegas trip and wedding ceremony including finding out if Brad’s pregnant and very very sick sister will be there. We hope so! I need to start thinking about what to pack too. I plan every detail of my outfits down to the accessories and I pack at least 1 extra outfit so I can change things up if I want. Needless to say this takes time. I have to double and trip check it from all angles.