My Week in Photos

I’m exhausted. I spent the day shopping with my mother and sister and getting all the last minute (even though it’s not last minute) items for Las Vegas including helping them pick out a few missing pieces of luggage. Who knew shopping could be so freaking exhausting?!

  • I’ve been participating in a couple of challenges on Instagram – #FBPhotoaDayMay and #PhotoaDayMay. Both have been fun and yet challenging. I suggest you check out my Instagram feed during the rest of the month! The picture of me was for the challenge of “mirror”.
  • My brand new scarf. This thing is beautiful!! I keep trying to come up with outfits around it!
  • I saw “The Avengers”. Totally worth it! I loved it and Joss Whedon even more than before!! It was very very funny.
  • Dinner at Famous Dave’s.
  • We went to a new restaurant in town – Hibachi Grill. It’s basically a Chinese buffet with sushi and a Mongolian grill. They have some bizarre foods! This plate has grilled squid, several different types of sushi, duck, crawdads (crawfish), snow crab and some other assorted goodies including that which is pictured next. What do you think that is? I’ll give you a hint: ribbit, ribbit. Here’s another: it’s not easy being green. It did indeed taste like chicken! The also had some beautifully carved sculptures in the entry way. If you live in Omaha I highly recommend this place!
  • Not pictured: Watching of the Kentucky Derby & us celebrating a year being engaged. A year! And we aren’t too far out now!