Friend Friday: Instagram & My Devotion to my iPhone!

How have photos apps (Instagram, Hipstamatic, etc) changed the game of blogging?

I have had an iPhone for 3 years now. And I download photo apps (who am I kidding? APPS IN GENERAL) like they are going out of style. I am definitely always trying to find something better. And the amazing thing is that there IS always something better! The evolution of human ingenuity is just amazing. We are such creative creatures. And each app does something different for your photos, some for better and some for worse.

I started posting photos I took with Instagram, Hipstamatic and every other app I use on Mondays last year (Labor Day weekend matter of fact). Not only does it give me something to post on Mondays but it makes me look at my life differently each week. I look at everything I do as a photo opportunity, a memory opportunity, as something to remember. I then decide if it is worth remembering. Some things pass, some don’t, some pass at first then get axed. Either way I love being able to go back through my Monday posts and see what I was up to. Sorta like a diary but better and with visuals. And with an iPhone taking photos has never been easier…so much easier having this rather decent camera right in your purse already.

And the best part of Instagram is being able to interact with other people and spy on their life! I am a snoop! I admit it!! But again, I love human ingenuity. People are so creative I love seeing what they come up with. I think that is what attracts me more than anything to things like Instagram. That and the fact that these apps make it look like a decent photographer when I am anything but!!

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