Daily Outfit: Wedding Musings

So my wedding is coming up in a month-ish (more than 1 but less than 2) and I hesitate to say the exact date. I haven’t here. I haven’t on Facebook (I don’t think). I try not to say it to anyone.

I’m uncomfortable with everyone knowing when I am out-of-town even though we do have a house sitter (and someone who can take care of the cats). And I live in a super busy area so a break-in would be noticed immediately. I just feel safer not announcing it. But I really want to take a break from the Internet, from social media websites, and even from this blog. And a honeymoon/wedding is a very legitimate reason!

With that said it means that I will be holding off posting anything about our time in Las Vegas until we get back and I will pre-schedule posts to run so it will be like I hadn’t even left. I even have the capability to pre-schedule Tweets and Facebook posts using HootSuite. I just feel safer if people think I haven’t left and that no one knows exactly when we will leave and when we will come back.

But I do promise to post the details! I will take so many photos. Heck I took about 500 when we went to Lake Tahoe for 4 days for Brad’s sister’s wedding. We will be in Vegas for a week – so lots of fun to be had! And I promise to spread it out, not too much but not too little either. How dull!

Anyway on to the outfit. This actually looks a tad silly because I did two different things, I went somewhere and I had to re-install Windows on my computer (@#!*ing BS I tell you!). So I’m dressed for both. The hat covers up the bad hair I had, that I had made worse because of wearing the hat, and the headphones are because I was listening to music while working on the computer. I realize now how stupid they both look while worn together but I don’t care. And interestingly enough this is a repeat (except for the hat & headphones) of the outfit I wore to my bridal shower. It was cold, storming and there was threat of tornadoes so no skirt for me. 😦



Raspberry striped shark bite hem tee: Lane Bryant (February 2012)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Black bolero with dolman sleeves: Marshall’s (February 2012)
Brown strappy wedge sandals with metal discs on the vamp: Amazon (April 2012)
Art Deco crystal dangle earrings: Forever 21 (September 2011)
Straw cloche with leather trim: Target (February 2012)
Headphones: Groupon Goods (April 2012)

But I waited all day to post this outfit just so I could also post a photo of these brand-new-just-arrived-today wedding shoes:

wedding shoes

I am going to take them to the cobbler tomorrow and see if the vamp can’t be stretched some, it’s just too tight. But otherwise these are the perfect height and look great. All the wedding colors in one shoe.


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  1. Mia says:

    Taking an internet break sounds like a great idea. I may do that sometime soon, and I don’t even have a wedding to use as an excuse. (P.S. Those shoes are so pretty! Also, thanks to you I now know what “vamp” means.)


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