My Week in Photos

Lots of great stuff this week.

  • Flowers from a female relative of my fiance. She has a beautiful garden and these were lovely!
  • Joslyn Art Museum. They have an Egyptian art exhibit right now and it was Family Fun Day with free admission so of course we went. No photos of the exhibit though – banned. But some very interesting pieces.
  • The local arcade moved to a new location so we felt like checking it. They have swipe cards now instead of coins. Not bad. Not bad at all.
  • David’s Bridal. I went there to buy a stupid chiffon shrug. An HOUR later I walked out. And I don’t even get it for a month. I hate that place. And yet everything is from there including my wedding dress, the shrug and my new wedding shoes (I can’t wear the BAM! purple ones for a couple of reasons but that’s ok, I got ones I like just as much).
  • One of the items considered for the wedding reception dinner is escargot. I love me some escargot. Little vehicles for garlic butter and cheese. Yum. But the fiance had never had snails before so we found a local restaurant that had them on the menu (Caniglia’s Venice Inn – they won on Food Wars two years ago for their steak). This is the end result. He told me he liked them so on the menu they go!
  • Caniglia’s tiramisu – fantastic!
  • We got a gift card as a gift from a good friend of Brad’s for Rock Bottom Brewery & Restaurant so we decided to do lunch there. Brad can not resist a wheat ale. Fantastic stuff!
  • Rock Bottom is in the Old Market and I just adore the streets there! Besides new shoes to show off.