Daily Outfit: iPhone Musings

I am always greatly amused when I see iPhones (and iPads) in TV shows and in movies used incorrectly. For example in last week’s episode of Fairly Legal the main character of Kate was supposedly speaking to someone on her’s. She turned and the audience got a brief flash of the home screen. Not the phone call screen. Later she was on Facebook on her iPad and we get a brief flash of a home screen of a base model (aka right out of the box). While watching Jane By Design they showed a text on the screen of her iPhone and the date was very very wrong (it was mentioned later in the episode). Clearly someone forgot to alter the date from the time filmed (sometime in July) to the “corrected” date. I’m not sure if it’s difficult to fake an iPhone being properly used in movie scenes or not but realistically Apple does a lot of Hollywood promotion and product placement, you would think they had figured it out enough that the audience would not notice these issues.

Incidentally I work in security and I notice these same issues with security procedures and with security systems. All for Hollywood I guess.

On a related note I also stumbled on this. I wonder what each says about the person that it belongs to (besides the fact they never check email, answer their phone or return messages). I sometimes wonder what mine says about me (besides the fact that I DO check my messages and email). I’m not sure about other people but I know I put my most important apps and short cuts on the main screen. Do other people do this as well?

If your curious this is my home screen. 🙂 A little boring but I haven’t done any “housecleaning” in awhile. Might do so soon as I’m getting tired of not finding what I need.



Plain Black long-line tank: Target (July 2011)
Gray short-sleeve fitted blazer: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Gray & blue striped tabi socks: Ichiban Kan’s now defunct online store (April 2009)
Brown Heeled oxfords: Avenue (Dec 2010)
Multilevel drapy chain necklace: Forever 21 (October 2011)
Crystal bracelets: Torrid (April 2011)


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  1. I love this outfit! The shoes are my favorite (although, when are shoes NOT my favorite part of an outfit?). Love the rolled jeans too-I could take a style cue from you on this one! 🙂


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