My Week in Photos

A super busy week but lovely!

  • For my birthday I brought a bunch of Jones Bros Cupcakes to work. Ran out before all my co-workers got what they wanted. So sorry about that!
  • Texas Roadhouse. We had a gift certificate from Christmas to use up and I didn’t feel like cooking.
  • Jimmy’s Egg for Sunday brunch with my mother. Sweet potato pancakes. I just can’t get over them!
  • Check out these fantastic cupcakes for the bridal shower! My sister and mother arranged the details and my sister told me that she made sure it said M & B on the cupcakes as opposed to the other way around! There were several assorted flavors all topped with buttercream from the Cakery. Tons of leftovers. So so good.
  • A friend of my fiance lent us Game of Thrones season 1 Friday afternoon. By Sunday we had not only watched everything on the DVDs but I had also called our cable company and added HBO. We then proceeded to watch the first 2 episodes of season 2 then the third episode as it aired last night. Over the weekend we became massive HUGE fans!
  • Saturday was our Bridal Shower and we received several cancellations as the morning progressed. The weather was terrible. Lots of rain. Thunderstorms. It got much worse over the course of the night. We still had the bridal shower and I am truly sorry I missed those that couldn’t come but I totally understand. This picture was taken after round 1 cleared the area in the evening.
  • We saw Cabin in the Woods and I quite liked it! A very different take on a horror movie.
  • I had pre-purchased Jenny Lawson’s (aka The Bloggess) new book which is being released tomorrow. So when she said she was giving away signed bookplates I figured why not? I love her!



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