Everybody Everywear: Pastel & Being an Introvert

When I posted my Week in Photos yesterday and wrote about the new book I am reading Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking I got a couple of comments in return. Most notably my best friend from college who I discovered is an INFJ, something I didn’t know before. That explains a lot about our relationship with me being an INTJ.

I’ve been called cold, snobby, elitist, a bitch and argumentative. Definitely argumentative. I’m not. At least I really don’t think I am. There are so many layers and so many more ways to see everything on this planet, every single argument, every single situation, every problem. There are just so many solutions that lots of people do not see, do not think about. And I really have to see all sides of things. It helps me get to the root of whatever I am looking at. It helps me make a decision. Which annoys my fiancé so completely! He sees everything in black and white. I see the value in that but for me knowing there is always more means I have to dig deeper. It’s who I am.

For example our most recent issue. We needed a piece of luggage to check (we never check but the wedding calls for more stuff to be brought on the plane) and a garment bag for our wedding attire things. I found the perfect piece of carry-on luggage for me which includes an optional garment bag section which folds away when not in issue. Perfect for future uses. This suitcase is sweet and solved the garment bag problem easily and I was due for a new piece of carry-on baggage anyway. For the check bag problem I figured that we would buy Brad a new piece of carry-on and use his old carry-on as the check. We avoid checking whenever possible. Hate it! And would likely never need a piece of check luggage in the future. But all he saw was – we need a check piece buy a check piece. He didn’t consider the other options. Lots of people wouldn’t. It’s definitely normal. And there’s nothing wrong with it. But I’m pleased as punch with myself for seeing this solution. And he now has a Cadillac for a his carry-on. A real beauty I can’t wait for us to take on the road after our wedding.

Anyway back to the book and being an introvert (not just my Myers-Briggs). She starts out describing the extremely extrovert business world, business school, advertising, etc. how our culture (the USA’s that is) values extroverts and how introverts have no place. She right. I hate that she is right but we have to be fake extroverts whether we like it or not if we want to get ahead.

I am so not an extrovert. I am almost a true introvert. I spend a great deal of time in my head. I like it in there. I am my own best friend. And I’m not really interested in pretending to be an extrovert. It’s too energy draining. Every night I have to go home and recharge from the day, from all the people, from work. I spend whole days by myself where I don’t have to be “on”. I can’t imagine having to do more. It would kill me.

Which means of course that is what I think about incessantly after a meeting – did I do enough? Did I speak up enough? Did I say the wrong thing? Ad nauseum until I find something else to obsess over. And there will always be something else to obsess over.

Oh and about the outfit – I own so little pastel I am surprised I had this and could participate in Everybody Everywear today.



Green prairie top: Avenue (June 2008)
Powder Blue cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Pink floral flip flops: Payless (April 2011)
Swallow silver necklace: Thrifted (June 2011)
Teardrop Earrings: Evans UK (Feb 2011)

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8 thoughts on “Everybody Everywear: Pastel & Being an Introvert

  1. Interesting. I’m an INTJ and my best friend is an INFJ too.

    I feel what you say about the culture valuing extroverts more. Especially in my line of work (the entertainment industry, more specifically screenwriting), you can’t be an introvert and pitch your script to a room full of people. Which sucks for me.


    • While I was writing this I was reminded of your questions from a few weeks back when you brought up that you were an INTJ. Considering it is the rarest type I was surprised at how many spoke up in your comments.

      And yes, the business culture being what it is, especially in entertainment, leaves introverts out in the cold. Perhaps there will be a back lash in the future like with many things that come to pass. Who knows?


  2. Mia says:

    I didn’t know what my Myers-Briggs type was until last month (ISFJ, apparently?), but I’ve had fun reading about all the different types. I totally feel you about how exhausting being “on” is–and the funny thing is, I work with a bunch of verrrry extroverted people where their jobs are to go gladhanding around to raise money, and I marvel at how good they are at the “on” thing. But then, they probably wouldn’t want to sit in a back room all day researching the people they have to go out gladhanding with, like I do, so it all works out! At least sometimes, anyway.

    I’m glad you made the pastels work for you so that I could find your blog through EBEW. You seem cool.


    • I got to get better at responding – sorry this took so long!

      The world definitely runs better with both types of people. I just wish someone would advertise an introverted salesman! I hate buying things that involve salesmen and their (typical) pushy maneuvers. Makes me uncomfortable.


  3. Hey there, I got here by way of EBEW (drawn in my ‘introvert’). I’m reading Quiet also but have stalled out toward the middle. Want to try to finish it by the 16th when it is due back at library. Plus I’m curious when she starts unveiling the “power” part of being an introvert… 🙂 It has been a while since I took any personality tests but I think last time I did it I was INFP. Oh, I looked at your About Me page and saw you are in Omaha, which is the “big city” of my youth, as I grew up 30 min away in SW Iowa. Now I need to go see if I have any pastels and if EBEW still allows posting the day after…


    • Interesting. The middle part is where I stalled to. I’d like to get back into it but now I’ve moved on – A Game of Thrones. 😀

      Yay! Omaha was the big city of teen years too…and this is SO not a big city!


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