Shoeper Shoe Challenge & Closet Challenge

I have decided to take part in two new challenges – one official and the other unofficial. I’m going to do the Shoeper Shoe Challenge as well as a similar closet challenge. Both will start April 1. And from both I hope to actually gauge what I wear, how, and what challenges my closet will present.

What this means for me is, hopefully, less shopping. I am trying to challenge myself to be creative with what I do have. As you will see from my closet photos I don’t have any room left and it’s gotten a bit out of hand. I really need to decide what of value I should be keeping and what really needs to go. So without further ado my rules and my closet inventory.

If you want to read my rules or check out my inventory click the READ MORE. It’s too long to just let it eat up valuable real estate on the front blog page.


  1. Nothing counts unless it’s photographed and posted on the blog. I may not post a full outfit photo and/or I may attach it to another post just to “save” something but it only counts if it’s posted here.
  2. I am going to probably avoid saying anything more about this challenge on regular outfit posts. Meaning that if I have “saved” something I am not going to state that its saved and instead will list the post under the Shoeper Challenge category the first time an item appears on the blog so that all one need do is search by category. For the wardrobe challenge I am going to list them further by type category – sweaters, tops, skirts, dresses, pants, etc.
  3. I am not on a shopping ban of any kind however there will be rules for bringing in anything new:
    • Shoes: new ones may be acquired as needed/wanted. Especially if they fill holes I have in my “collection”. But they must actually fit and be comfortable! Everything else goes back.
    • Wardrobe: there is a 1 in and 1 out policy exceptions being holes in the wardrobe. For example shorts. I have only 2 pairs and they are both denim. I need a black pair but wasn’t able to find one last summer.
    • I must come up with a list of what holes need filled so I know what is okay to purchase and what isn’t. Even so a freebie once and awhile is ok so long as I don’t let once and awhile be every week or every other week.


I keep my shoes in a pile even though I know this means I don’t use all that I have and it isn’t good for them but I haven’t found a way to store them that works for me. I just don’t have enough closet space. And there isn’t any real room in my bedroom or apartment. So this is the way it is. So yes, I never wear the ones at the bottom of the pile. That’s part of why I am doing this challenge!


See. Not pretty. Not pictured below are 3 pairs of shoes – my sheepskin slippers as I wear those all the time and are not shoes to me, my purple BAM! wedding heels and the accompanying silver flats. These are by virtue of being my wedding shoes are already saved for the year though I will work them in in other ways. The purple heels will be more of a challenge than the silver glittery flats but I already have a few ideas for those.

Some of these will be leaving and/or getting replaced this summer & fall. I just wanted to be sure before tossing any more (I weeded out about a third more to photograph these).

Anyway for the breakdown (left to right, top to bottom):


Peep-toe sling-back pumps: Payless Shoes (Jan 2011)
Brown canvas espadrille wedges: Payless (June 2008)
Criss-cross black espadrille wedges: Avenue (May 2010)
Gold espadrilles: Payless (April 2007)
Lace up heeled ankle boots: Evans UK (Feb 2011)

Handmade African Leather Sandals: Gift (April 2008)
Black tailored pleather mules: Payless (summer 2005 I think)
Gladiator cuffed flat sandals: Torrid (June 2010)
Snake skin gladiator wedge sandals: Avenue (May 2011)
Green floral canvas wedges: Payless (June 2011)

Silver beaded circle black leather flip flops: Torrid (July 2011)
Pink floral flip flops: Payless (April 2011)
White & Black stone sandals: Torrid (April 2008)
Orange & Bronze stone sandals: Torrid (April 2008)
Black and Gold beaded wedge sandals: Avenue (May 2010)


Gladiator type heels: Torrid (Aug 2009)
Christian Siriano Snakeskin wedge sandals: Payless (Feb 2011)
Green suede wedges with buckle: Payless (October 2007)
Black Aussie Dogs lace-up rainboots: 6PM (September 2011)
Lace up heeled tan leather boots with fold over tops: Avenue (November 2011)
Brown lace-up Riding boots: Avenue (Oct 2010)

Zip-up studded Black booties: Avenue (Oct 2010)
Criss-cross Black studded pumps: Avenue (Aug 2010)
Black bow wedges: Payless (February 2012)
Christian Siriano nude peeptoe pumps: Payless (Feb 2011)
Brown Heeled oxfords: Avenue (Dec 2010)
Red Dr Martens boots – Holt: 6PM (December 2011)

Black linen round toe mules: Ebay (summer 2004)
Black Mary Janes with DIY glitter soles: Payless (February 2009)
Black hidden wedge ankle strap “flats”: Payless (September 2007)
Black bow pumps: Payless (February 2007)
Converse Chucks: DSW (April 2011)
Gray Simple brand polka dot flip flops: 6PM (February 2012)
Black bow flats: Payless (August 2011)


Again each photo is left to right, top to bottom (unless noted):


Left column then right column, top to bottom.

Khaki asymmetrical military jacket: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
Gray short-sleeve fitted blazer: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
White short sleeve tuxedo jacket: City Chic (July 2011)
Waterfall front black fitted jacket: Evans (April 2011)

Black traditional blazer: Lane Bryant (Feb 2011)
Dark wash jean jacket: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Green military jacket: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Brown suede waterfall jacket: Marshall’s (May 2011)


Purple cowl neck, dolman sleeve sweater: Torrid (Oct 2009)
Raspberry stripped light sweater: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Red & Gray striped double button cardigan: Avenue (December 2011)
Black high collared sweater with button sleeves: Walmart (Winter 2008)
Black single button ¾ sleeve babydoll sweater: Thrifted (December 2011)

Gray hanky hem sweater: Evans UK (April 2011)
Black & gray animal print sweater: gift (January 2012)
Powder blue sweater: Thrifted (December 2011)
Dark Gray sweater coat: Lane Bryant (Dec 2010)
Gray dolman sleeve short sweater: Thrifted (winter 2009)

Purple/gray off the shoulder/wide cowl neck long sleeve sweater: Torrid (January 2012)
Purple cowl neck dolman sleeve sweater: TJ Maxx (November 2011)
Gray cable cowl neck long sleeve sweater: Walmart (December 2007)

Wheat colored faux belt cardigan: Marshall’s (November 2011)
Black pullover long sleeve sweater: Thrifted (dunno…I think at least before 2007)
Brown short sleeve rough sweater: Thrifted (2006 I think…)
Not pictured: Black crochet see-thru short sleeve sweater: Lane Bryant (February 2012)


I’m not listing these tanks & camis out. They are subjective anyway since most are worn to just lounge around the house in or under clothes to keep things modest. Some will be getting replaced this season. I don’t have a choice.


Left column, middle column then right column. Top to bottom.

Khaki cargo capris: Shopko (September 2011)
White carpis: Shopko (September 2011)
Black denim pocketless capris/long bermudas: Thrifted (July 2009)
Chambray button back capris: TJ Maxx (April 2011)

Denim shorts: Shopko (July 2009)
Denim shorts: Shopko (summer 2008)
Denim “sailor” shorts: Shopko (summer 2007 I think)

Black knee length cargo shorts/capris: Target (April 2011)
Denim capris: Thrifted (I think…around 2006 or 2007 I think)
Black plain leggings: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
White khaki capris: Marshalls (July 2011)
Blue capris: Lane Bryant (March 2012)
Cranberry (pink) carpis: Lane Bryant (March 2012)
Not pictured: Black button up capri leggings: Avenue (June 2011)


Listed left column then right column, top to bottom. Everything in the left column top down to the tan pants is in review. I may be tossing all of them since none of these fit very well. Listed here none-the-less & just in case.

Straight leg medium wash New Right Fit Jeans: Lane Bryant (December 2010)
Boot-cut dark rinse Original Right Fit jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Boot-cut dark rinse New Right Fit jeans: Lane Bryant (December 2010)
Black slacks: Lane Bryant (December 2010)
Black Twill slacks: Lane Bryant (December 2010)
Khaki slacks: Avenue (October 2009)
Dark wash denim slim jeans: Avenue (February 2010)
Black denim jeans (too short): Avenue (August 2010)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)

Bootleg Twill pants: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Black pull-on bootcut jeggings: Shopko (April 2011)
Pinstripe black wide leg dress slacks: Thrifted (August 2011)
Black pull-on bootcut jeggings: Shopko (September 2011)
Black leggings: Lane Bryant (August 2010)
Bootleg Twill pants: Lane Bryant (March 2011)
Black Jeggings: Just My Size (Dec 2010 – won in a contest from Kimberly @ Fab Finds Under $50)
Thin black slim leg dress slacks: Avenue (December 2011)
Skinny/Slim leg dark wash jeans: Lane Bryant (March 2011)


Black Maxi Dress DIYed into a skirt: Avenue (April 2010)
Black pencil skirt with back zipper: City Chic (January 2012)
Pencil skirt: Lane Bryant (spring 2009)
Pencil skirt: Torrid (Aug 2009)

Black button back calf length flair skirt: Lane Bryant (February 2010)
White eyelet A-line pull-on knee-length skirt: Sealed With a Kiss Designs (March 2012)
Blue & White A-Line box pleat skirt: Calvin Klein via TJ Maxx (September 2011)

Black wrap skirt: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Black skirt with white stitched flowers: Thrifted (April 2008)
Floral “Monet” A-line skirt: Lane Bryant (August 2011)
Black & white double-sided pull-on skirt: Thrifted (December 2011)


You will just have to trust me when I say what is here is here! I have them more or less organized by type just so I can find what I need when I need it. And I double checked this list before posting but here’s hoping I didn’t miss anything – don’t hold it against me if I did!

Left to Right (not including all my other Woot! t-shirts as those are stored elsewhere and rarely worn)

Black floral elastic romper: Target (August 2010)
White hankerchief hem sleeveless: Torrid (April 2010)
White military t-shirt: Shopko (August 2011)
Black and Gray stripped long sleeve tee: Just My Size (September 2011)
Pink/purple military t-shirt: Just My Size (March 2011)
Purple elastic smocked tee: Avenue (June 2011)
Pink hanky hem tee: Old Navy (March 2011)
Gray v-neck tee: TJ Maxx (October 2011)
Black sequined tee: Avenue (December 2011)
Blue stripped tee: Target (March 2011)
Long sleeve purple tee: Just My Size (October 2011)
Green boyfriend tee: Target (January 2012)
Purple boyfriend tee: Target (January 2012)
White drapey tee: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
“It Came Out of Nowhere” (Back to the Future & Doctor Who) t-shirt: Shirt.Woot (July 2011)
“Epic Battle” (Harry Potter vs Lord of the Rings) t-shirt: Shirt.Woot! (June 2011)
Four Little Ponies of the Apocalypse: Shirt.Woot (Sept 2010)
Gray striped cowl neck tee: Avenue (June 2011)
Black shoulder-tie tee top: Torrid (April 2008)
Purple butterfly/bat wing sleeve tee: Marshall’s (August 2011)
Brown short butterfly sleeve tee: Marshall’s (May 2011)
Green hanky hem gathered tee: Evans UK (April 2011)
Gray & Flowered Graphic T-shirt: Just My Size (December 2010)
Asymmetrical black and white striped long sleeve tee: City Chic (January 2012)
Black butterfly sleeve tee: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
Red sleeveless sweater: Gift (March 2011)
Black slit neck shaped tee: Just My Size (fall 2009)
Cheetah print silk v-neck top: TJ Maxx (February 2012)
Short-sleeved Green button down: Avenue (July 2010)
Black chambray button down: TJ Maxx (April 2011)
Champagne colored silk short sleeve button down: Thrifted (August 2011)
Blue linen button down: Avenue (August 2009)
Short-sleeved White button down tunic: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
White long sleeve button down: Unknown. It’s a men’s but I’ve had it a long long time.
White long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Blue long sleeve button down oxford: Avenue (December 2011)
Purple (red-purple) long sleeve button down: Target (February 2012)
Gray “silk” button down: Lane Bryant (Jan 2011)
Purple short tee with embroidery on the shoulders: Target (February 2012)
Sheer prairie or peasant top: TJ Maxx (March 2012)
Raspberry striped shark bite hem tee: Lane Bryant (February 2012)
Gray striped dolman sleeve lightweight sweater: Gift (Sept 2011)
Green prairie top: Avenue (June 2008)
Blue slit neck shaped tee: Just My Size (fall 2009)
Teal cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Red grandpa cardigan with pockets: Thrifted (December 2011)
White cardigan: TJ Maxx (June 2011)
Powder Blue cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Purple long sleeve with ruffles Cardigan: Just My Size (December 2010)
Black Cardigan: Torrid (March 2008)
Pink cardigan: Shopko (July 2010 )
Black sweater coat cardigan: Marshall’s (February 2012)
Gray long sleeve cardigan with silk & buttons down the front: Thrifted (August 2011)
Green cardigan: Lane Bryant (Aug 2010)
Floral Kimono top: Torrid (April 2011)
Black bolero with dolman sleeves: Marshall’s (February 2012)
Blue asymmetrical t-shirt cardigan: Avenue (December 2011)
Silver/Gray short sleeve cardigan: Thrifted (December 2011)
Black lace with crochet edges top: TJ Maxx (March 2012)
White t-shirt vest: Avenue (July 2010)
Sleeveless lace overlay with tank liner: TJ Maxx (July 2011)
White lace overlay: Torrid (May 2011)
Black lace high collar button front shirt w/tank liner: City Chic (July 2011)
Green and brown patterned sundress: Avenue (May 2011)
Black and gray swirly sundress: Avenue (May 2011)
Black and white polka dot sleeveless top: Torrid (December 2010)
Black and White zebra print sundress: Avenue (July 2009)
Sleeveless, black lace sundress: Target (September 2010)
Sleeveless, white lace sundress: Target (September 2010)
Bright blue plain v-neck jersey dress: Just My Size (April 2011)
Olive green flounce halter dress: Lane Bryant (May 2011)
Green criss-cross topped dress: Old Navy (March 2011)
Black maxi with sleeves: Evans UK (April 2011)
Black jersey pickup point dress: Torrid (July 2011)
Black Linen Shirt Dress: Lane Bryant (April 2008)
Black sleeved deep V-neck t-shirt dress: Walmart (October 2008)
Black waist-striped vintage dress: Thrifted (spring 2009)
Black cowl neck winter dress: Lane Bryant (February 2010)
Red Paisley Victoria Dress: SWAK Designs (March 2011)
Teal Paisley Victoria Dress: SWAK Designs (June 2011)
Navy Veronica sleeveless maxi dress: SWAK Designs (March 2012)
Several polos for work


WHEW!! Seriously! This took me weeks to catalog mostly because it was so freaking boring! But again if I forgot something please be kind. I have a lot of clothes!

Let the challenge begin!