My Week in Photos

  • Spring has sprung! There are flowering plants and trees EVERYWHERE and it’s WARM. Yikes! So much for winter this year I guess.
  • I checked out the new iPad to compare to the 2. Other than resolution (which is great but not a MUST HAVE) I wasn’t all that impressed with it compared to the 2. But then again after trying to take photos with my iPad I can safely say I will NEVER take photos or video with my iPad just my iPhone and that part is kick ass. I’m happy with choice I made in getting the 2.
  • There was a plastic cup blowing around outside the window and Namaste was HUNTING. It was too funny watching her run back and forth in the window. 🙂
  • Our feet. Waiting for The Hunger Games to start. On opening day (not a midnight showing but still early enough). I loved it! But I liked the book more. I know I know but I did. It felt more authentic and the movie seemed a tad rushed. But I like how they slipped in all the explanations of what was going on without a voice over as the book is entirely from Katniss’ perspective.
  • My nephews and my fiance on my iPad. They are in love with it! And I didn’t have to explain a thing to them. Not even the 4 year old. They are better at Angry Bird’s than me!
  • Not pictured: my family got together to celebrate my mother’s birthday. Dinner. Cake. And I saw my immediately family. Lots of fun.